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UPDATE 4/11: Okay, Carol... If you will please host the 2nd table I'll add Table #2.

Top rated Korean BBQ joint averaging over 4.5 stars in nearly 300 reviews. Very impressive as there are so many excellent KBBQ joints in Ktown. The reviews say a group of 4 is best so four it is and getting there early is a prerequisite and it is convenient to the Metro Red Line. This should allow me to hit my 7pm Monday Night NoHo poker game... Gotta multitask...

Yeah, I know it's early... but if you get here at 7pm, they say it's a 2 hour wait... so I know not many can attend this early, but this is for a group of four, so it doesn't take many peeps to fill up this event. If there's enough interest I may add a second table of 4, so the first 4 to arrive will get seated and when the other 4 arrive, they'll get their own table. This will be family style shared dining and the food bill will be split evenly and each person pays for their own drinks separately. Please bring cash to settle your bill.

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That fat, juicy, fresh rib eye steak (my fav cut) sold me on trying out this place!

A small refundable deposit is required to rsvp. This deposit is refunded if you attend the event or un-rsvp 1 or more days in advance.

Parking is said to be valet parking $2/w validation.