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Tibetan/Nepalese Champagne Brunch Buffet, $10 - AYCE ~ Pasadena

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Tibetian/Nepalese food Sunday champagne buffet brunch in Pasadena for a measly $10 bucks! Figure $13.00 including tax and tip! Less than the cost of a fancy martini! For you tea toddlers, you can have soda instead. One glass of champagne, not unlimited. If you don't drink champagne, get it anyway and give it to your neighbor... or you can geta soda or ice tea instead. There's also several, perhaps many vegetarian options too! I love this cuisine and I don't get the chance to eat it very often. The food is very good as is the service... considering we had the entire restaurant with two seats for over 80 members!. It has a well deserved solid 4 Star Yelp rating.

This time, I'm going to request the restaurant to make a few of the dishes more spicy and more authentic to their native cuisine. I'll have them mark the spicy dishes for those that like or don't like spicy cuisine.

This event, please pay at the register $13 ($10 +$3 tax & Tip) before beginning to eat. You will be given a wristband when you pay. This way, there is no waiting when you wish to leave. If you feel your meal/service/value was exceptional, you are welcome to leave an additional tip at the table. I'll also see if they will add a Samosa or Yak momo to the mix this time.

Farmers Market: There is now a Farmers Market in front of the restaurant and the street is now closed off. Please read the parking directions for free validated parking.

Yelp Ratings (

Tibet Nepal House Website (

There will be FREE Corkage, but if you want more house "Champagne" it will only cost $1.00 per glass!!! Last time, we sold out the whole restaurant and had a wait list, so please don't wait until the last minute to sign up...

This is a good, inexpensive way to try the place out and if you like it, you can return for a dinner on your own with friends/family and use one of the discount deals that are around.

We will not arrange the tables, so there will be tables of 2-8 so as to keep the conversations and the bills more manageable. If you are fussy about the size of the table to sit at, then arrive early so you can choose.

Meeting Time: 11:15pm. If you are late, don't call me, just take your time and arrive when you can safely. Since it is a buffet, you won't miss out on any of the dishes, just some fine conversation and company of our friendly foodies. Yeah, it is early, but I like my buffet food fresh and hot right out of the kitchen and it really does make a big difference in the quality of the food, so I wanna get here early for the best quality food and while it's nice and hot. Also, if we will be a large group, we wanna be sure we all get seated.

This is a JOINT Event with LA Foodies and Asian Foodies.

If you get lost or need directions, call the restaurant at (626) 585-0955

Optional: There's lots of great shops in the area such as Barnes and Noble and my fav, Sur La Table. Last time, after our brunch, I popped into Sur La Table and they were giving away free Cappacinos and deluxe coffees!

Bring Cash: Please bring cash to pay your bill to make things a lot easier when it comes time to settle the bill. Sorry, no Groupons or discounts allowed for the buffet (dammit). It's already a kick ass deal, right???

Parking: There is a structure North of Holly, on Raymond, on the left side. This is free for 90 minutes. They also validate if you park in the lot on the Northwest corner of Holly/Fair Oaks.

— Park Free —

Tibet Nepal House will validate parking if you park at
the Parsons Lot, 75 N. Fair Oaks Ave., Pasadena,
or One Colorado, 30 E. Union St., Pasadena.

90 minutes of free parking is available at 171 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena

Public Transportation: This is about two blocks from the Metro Gold Line Memorial Park Station, so if you are near one of the Metrorail stops, you can buy an All Day pass for $5 and leave the car at home. Better yet, ride your bike!

Check out the photos from a previous event... it was hysterical!!! Someone should have videoed it!

Apparently there will be lots of Ferrari's on Colorado Blvd. Here's a few in a pic I took last year...