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Holy Mole! Autentica Mexicana Comida Aqui! East LA Gourmet Mexican Cuisine BYOB

Price: $5.00 /per person

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I've only been here once before yet this place deserves to be visited at least once a year so I'm way overdue. They still have 15 different moles. Mole is the generic name for a number of sauces ( originally used in Mexican cuisine (, as well as for dishes based on these sauces. The variety of flavors, smells and ingredients are amazing! It is impractical to try to taste all the sauces in one evening so the tasting of the moles at this restaurant will be broken up into two events. Many of the mole sauces are master chef level sauces and use dozens of ingredients in a single sauce. Many of the moles are almost never made at home or for a single meal. Few if any restaurants offer as many variety of mole sauces as this restaurant.

We will dine in one or maybe two tables of eight, family style and the bill will be shared equally excepting any drinks will be paid for separately.

Here's the dishes we will sample this evening, I will try to have the restaurant adjust the portions so everyone gets a decent taste of every dish so expect the cost to be higher than is listed below if they agree:

Pato con Mole de Tamarindo ~ Duck breast topped with Tamarind Mole $21.-

Del Charco a su Mesa ~ Frog legs topped with Finas Hierbas Mole $18.-

Medallones D’ Filete, Tequila y Limón ~ Center cut, Tenderloins (Angus) topped with Mole D’ Tequila & Lime $20.-

Velo D’ Novia ~ Fresh halibut fish steak topped with White Mole $20.-

Mancha Manteles ~ Boneless pork tenderloin topped with Mole made with spices, guajillo, chile & cinnamon $13.-

Lomo D’ Cerdo en Dueto de, Pipiane ~ Center cut boneless pork loin topped with green and red pipian $12.-

Gambas al Café ~ Sauteed with shrimp topped with Coffee Mole $15.-

image by Jo Anne N from Yelp

Filete D’ Salmon al Pistachio ~ Grill salmon filet topped with pistachio Nut Mole $17.-

Event #2 will feature the below dishes

Espina de Rosa ~ Shrimp, topped with hibiscus flower and spices Mole $15.-

image by Sara Lei S on Yelp

Mole Poblano ~ Grill chicken breast topped with Poblano Mole $13.-

Oaxacan Ancestran Black Mole ~ Quail topped traditional Black Oaxacan Mole $15.-

Ave de Paraiso ~ Veal medallion topped with Passion Fruit Mole $16.-

Jardin del Edén ~ Fresh scallops topped with delicious Fruity Mole $16.-

Pollo Almendrado ~ Chicken breast topped with exquisite Almond Mole $12.-

Portobello al Mole ~ Mushroom on a bed of eggplant topped with vegetables and your choice of Mole $11.-

Pato con Mole de Tamarindo ~ Duck breast topped with Tamarind Mole $21.- (repeat from #1)

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The restaurant has a decent sized free parking lot and there is street pariing as well.