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The Food is Free Project is about people choosing to improve their lives, the lives of others in their communities, and the lives of generations to come beginning by growing fresh, local food together.

We teach people how to connect with their neighbors and line their street with front yard community gardens which provide free harvests to anyone.

The gardens are built and offered for free using salvaged resources that would otherwise be headed to the landfill. By using drought-tolerant, wicking bed gardens, these low maintenance gardens only need to be watered every 2-4 weeks.

This simple tool introduces people to a very easy method of growing organic food with very little work. A wide variety of vegetables along the block promote neighbors to interact and connect, strengthening our communities while empowering them to grow their own food.

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What about a meetup/ summer camp for teens and youth?
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I know it might sound crazy, but I think there's a lot of people my age who are interested in this kind of stuff and it would be a great way to involve the youth on this projects so that we could take our knowledge back to our countries and cities and help spread the global movement! I know for sure I would love to go to one next summer! Much love, Bea :)
Also, anyone in Portugal, let me know if you might be up to something cool! Would love to have a meeting with other portuguese food liberators <3 <3

Does this group do any urban foraging walks?
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Needs a location

Hoping we can get a group together to walk a local park (maybe once a month), and learn to identify, harvest, and prepare wild edibles.

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Potluck and Mulch Shindig

Food Is Free Austin Welcome to the Land Party!!

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