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Learn and enjoy dances from around the world at 7:30 most Thursday evenings. $5
General Information: Come dance with us in our large dance room most Thursday evenings! We are a social international folk dance group in La Cañada Flintridge. Each evening's teaching and dancing will be adjusted based on the mix of participants. We usually have from 8 to 20 people attending. Most of us are over 40, but we welcome younger people too. This is a great opportunity for dancers of all levels of experience to learn and share the joy of moving together to beautiful music from around the world. We teach and dance introductory dances from 7:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Following a short break with snacks, we teach and dance more advanced dances. If you are an experienced dancer, you might prefer to come at 8:30 pm. Visit us on ( No partner is needed, and you don't have to commit to a series of lessons. Just show up in comfortable shoes!

Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge

4469 Chevy Chase Drive · La Canada, CA

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International dancing is great exercise and a wonderful way to make friends. This is a great opportunity for recreational dancers of all levels of experience (including those who have never danced) to learn and share the joy of moving to beautiful music from around the world. Visit us (almost) any Thursday for a fun evening of dance and camaraderie. No partner or commitment to a series of lessons is needed. Wear comfortable shoes. Click here ( to see a video showing you what folk dancing is and what it means to people.

There are international folk dance groups all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and they often dance many of the same dances. Once you learn the basics of international dancing, it's a skill you can take with you and enjoy wherever you go! To see more of what international dancing is all about visit our website: .

Have you always wanted to dance, but do not have a partner or a dance background? If so, international folk dancing might be for you. Our dance group is appropriate for adults of all ages and fitness levels. One of our dancers is a retired professional dancer, but most folk dancers are just regular people who enjoy dancing. The dancing isn't that strenuous, but some of the music is so beautiful it might take your breath away. Click here ( for a slideshow of international dancers throughout California. Our dance group will help you get started with lessons and joyful dancing after the lessons.

There isn't much folksy about international folk dance. It includes both traditional and modern dances from many countries and cultures. This is a form of social dance, done mostly with people holding hands in lines or in circles. Some dances are done as couples, but the majority of the dances are non-partner. This hasn't kept people from finding that special person through international dance.

If you can walk, you can folk dance. Many folk dances are easily done, but a few are quite vigorous. If a particular dance seems to be too much, you can just join those sitting and watching. There is no need to try to learn all the dances taught. When they can't remember a dance, most dancers follow what a few others do.

Perhaps you enjoyed learning folk dances in high school or college. Well now you can experience that fun again with other adults. We teach old and new international folk dances, and we probably do some of the same dances you learned when you were in your teens or twenties.

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