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When you're on, you're on! You know those moments - okay, maybe nanoseconds, or at the other extreme, months - of feeling you were not only connected with your children in the easy moments, but also in the tough ones. This Meetup is about those OTHER moments, the ones when we are not at our best. It's learning what we can do to so we have fewer of them, and so we get better and faster at cleaning up afterwards when they do occur. It's a Meetup for getting what we need and deserve: TLC, knowledge, and know-how in nurturing our own consistency in being heart-centered even as we create clear boundaries. It's our learning to compassionately, effectively, and joyfully get a hold ourselves, whatever the moment brings.

As my holiday gift to myself, I'm making myself useful to you throughout 2018. I'm going to be at The HeartGarden Studio in Oak Park twice a month throughout the year, leading a customized series on Nurturing Consistency in Getting A Hold Of Your Self - compassionately, effectively, joyfully. I hope you'll check it out and decide to join us! https://www.stollerparentcoaching.org/portfolio/year-nurturing-consistency-getting-hold/

Wishing you a holiday season and a new year ahead that is full of love and light!


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