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Pioneer Cooking Series - Tailgate Tasting

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Pioneer Cooking Series

Year Long!

If it's in season or we preserved it from one of the previous workshops, we're gonna cook it and we're gonna eat it.

This year-long workshop series is designed to bridge the gap between plant identification and the question “what do I do with it now?” We will meet twice a month as a two-part workshop. Part I of each month is a plant identification walk. There is no fee for the walk, but a 5$ donation is encouraged. In part II we'll be cooking and eating plants which we identified on that month's walk. The fee for this portion is $20. We'll go over basic to in-depth recipes and preparation methods in a hands-on style. If a plant's in season we're gonna eat it, often in several ways. Additionally, we'll be covering wild game such as deer, rabbit, squirrel, frogs, fish and various aquatic and land game birds. Some of the cooking series will also cover techniques on cooking over an open camp fire.

Plant based projects (including but not limited to):

Flour making







Flower fritters


Collecting tree fruits & nuts

Preserving & storage

Animal based projects (including but not limited to):

Cleaning & butchering (small game & fish)


Fish sticks


Preserving & storage

The project description and ingredients will be listed for the second part of the workshop after the walk, the location will only be emailed to those who RSVP for the second part. The group for the walks will not be capped. Due to resources and space the cooking projects will be capped at 20 participants. RSVP with a friend and get in for $15 each! Email for discount details.

There are two barter passes available for each workshop in the series. To barter you will need to have attended the first part of that month's workshop to learn proper harvesting techniques and ethics specific to that plant. You will then need to harvest half of the needed ingredients for the second part of that months workshop. Note: there are also barter passes for assistance in collecting needed animal meats. For that you will need to have the proper permits. PLEASE NOTE: Because of the intense needs of this workshop we will be strongly expressing the need to exercise great harvesting ethics. If these ethics are not followed our group will not be able to persist.