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A Tantra group, for you as a couple or single male & female.... to re-kindle, re-spark, re-ignite the passion - the respect - the desire - the adoration - the honor, and mostly the love~ Cherishing thyself first, in the person of who you are, and then in turn for that special someone!?

Using the knowledge of this ancient teaching and practice of Tantra, can help you manifest a Relationship of your Dreams! Are you looking for that extraordinary person to love? Do you wish to create a loving family? Do you want to have successful dating experiences? Are you suffering from conflicts in your existing long-term relationship? Do you hope to avoid a separation? Do you want to get an in depth understanding of yourself and your needs? Are you exploring what sexuality means to you? Are you trying to find real LOVE?

In all of these cases, the organized and clear knowledge of Tantra will help you create experiences that will allow you to reach a new levels by: - explaining the mantra, yantra, and tantra of relationships based on ancient truths, giving you effective tools which include exercises for the enhancement of sexual energy, the use of breath & dance and movement to get in touch with who you are, and trauma release to remove your blocks. - being part of a community and interacting with like-minded people who are also on a path of transformation. We will be addressing the following topic areas in our meetings.

What your unique individuality is and what type of relationship is best for you. What type of person will compliment you, so you both can be happy. How to best prepare yourself for the relationship you are seeking. What internal blocks need to be cleared so you can have the relationship of your dreams. How you can find your ideal partner. Some effective steps you can take in order to find that partner. How to maintain a relationship that continues to grow to higher levels over time. How to see the core reasons for conflicts and effectively solve them. How to enhance your sexual experiences so you can create new levels of intimacy.

Tantra is filled with practical material that was successfully used by teachers from all designed to give you a comprehensive map on how to manifest and build a fulfilling relationship. We look forward to meeting and connecting with you. Namaste `

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