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Forensic Forgiveness and Acceptance: Healing thru deep clearing of the soul.

One of our friends and mentors, Paul Wagner, came up with the phrase “Forensic Forgiveness”, which we understood to mean taking forgiveness of ourselves and others to the next level.
Often our anger and resentment have many layers, and while we can rationalize or ignore them on a certain level, they smolder inside, robbing us of our peace, and even creating “dis-ease”.
In this workshop, we will coach you on how to use various techniques to go deeper into the shadows, and really clean things up, freeing your heart and soul for more joy, and peace of mind. Letting go of past hurts can be a profoundly healing process, and also a funny one, as we reframe and recognize our own limitations and those of others we hold dear. In any case, this workshop will help you have easy tools to do the inner work systematically, and thoroughly, going light, or going deep as you need to or want to.
All of our meetups are a combination of lecture and group mastermind, so we can each help each other and learn together. Please come, and invite others to share in the laughs, the insights, and the healing.

At The Caritas Center 5723 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO. 80303


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