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Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy Outings
Forest Bathing & Nature Therapy Outings
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This is a Healing Outing. We will abide by the precautions set out by the government. I have posted extra outings as a way to support and offer help to anyone needing to get out, socialize, get fresh air, etc.

** We will be following security measures at all times.
---no contact
---6 feet distance between each attendee.
---Please do not attend if you are feeling ill

Because of this time of Extreme Isolation and Worry, these outings will be held even if there is only one person attending. We will walk together. In this freighting times, this is of extreme importance to get out and meditate, heal and be in fresh air with others. Nothing will change. We will however, take precautions, while we all care for one another and heal.

*** If anyone is able to help others in any way, please be in touch with me. If anyone is in need of help in any way, please be in touch with me.

In Peace, Healing and Kindness, during this time,


What to Expect:
If you have never done active mediation in a nature setting, what you will experience is something that is low key and quiet, yet magical. Just imagine strolling in a forest. It is very still, and very quiet. A waft of sunlight may shine through the trees or a squirrel might scuttle out of some leaves. You step on soft gravel or twigs, lying on the forest floor. An eagle calls, landing on a treetop, ruffling its majestic feathers contentedly.

Before and during the outing you will be provided with a sequence of sensory exercises designed to calm the body and mind.
- Quiet Deep breathing is always encouraged
- There is no talking during our active mediation
- Cell phones must be on silent
- There is no picture taking or recording of any sort during the event as this is a very private and personal journey
- If an event is scheduled, we will be going out so always be weather ready. "Whether the weather be wet or weather be cold, we whether the weather whatever the weather, whether we like it or not! (But we always like it) *We go out in all weather, so again, be prepared for the weather with boots, umbrella, coat,hat, sunglasses, etc.

Research has shown that forgiveness is linked to mental health outcomes such as reduced anxiety, depression and major psychiatric disorders, as well as with fewer physical health symptoms and lower mortality rates. ... "Forgiveness allows you to let go of the chronic interpersonal stressors that cause us undue burden.

We will be having an open social, group discussion and tea.

What to Bring:
- Bring a waterproof cushion to sit on or a cushion in a plastic bag
- A drink and/or snack for afterward
- Blanket or wrap in case you get chilly

*Delayed or need to contact us? please email or message via Meetup.

Terms and Conditions:
By clicking “RSVP”, as well as participating, you confirm you have read and agreed to our TERMS.

Medical conditions/medications/pregnancy: If you have any medical conditions, are on a prescribed medication, or have any concerns, please, consult your doctor and inform him/her about attending

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