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Forex trading can be a lonely road.

You probably don't know too many people who trade. You have tried to find a community that will provide support, advice, etc. but those avenues have not been fruitful.

1. Meetup Groups are usually accompanied with hidden agendas; enrol, subscribe, invest, in this or that.

2. Forums are filled with negative aspects from members knowing that they are protected behind a screen.

Yes, it is tough finding the right environment for something that should be so simple.

Because all you want is support, advice, or camaraderie from positive people who could share useful information or experiences about the same single interest which is FOREX TRADING, without any other hidden agendas.

This is what I intend for this group to be. No soliciting, promotions, subscriptions, enrollments of any sort. If a group like this interests you, JOIN ME.

What You Will Get Out of the Group

1. Overcome some of the loneliness of trading.

2. Bounce off trading ideas, strategies, or systems, with other members and see what they think.

3. Share trades with members and review if trades can be improved upon.

4. Explore various trading equipment, mindset, courses, or literature that could help you solve some of the problems you are facing.

5. Finally, I feel that the biggest benefit is the support you get by being a group like this. Trading consists of ups and downs. In the beginning, it can be a lot of downs…if we are being honest.

So having a group that will help you see the bright side of things and help you move on is a huge determining factor if you will become successful or not.


So, whether you’re just starting out into the world of forex trading, or if you have been trading for years, regardless of whether you have been successful or not, if you are looking for a place to hang out with other FX traders, then I hope you will join the group.

See you!

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