What we're about

We do easy and moderate hikes that are not fast-paced and where we stop a lot along the way to enjoy nature. Most hikes are between 2 and 5 miles round trip (some more, some less). We usually take a picnic lunch to enjoy somewhere along the way which also gives a chance to visit with one another. We encourage most of the visiting to be done during these breaks so that we can enjoy the sounds of nature as we walk and so as not to disturb wildlife. Hikes are normally limited to a maximum of 7 or 8 hikers, and often less than that for the same reasons. We do a few hikes that are geared mostly to seniors and some hikes geared to those who may be just getting "back onto their feet" after an injury or illness, but most hikes are for everyone no matter what your age, beliefs, gender or any other consideration that may sometimes separate us. Let's get out and enjoy nature and each other and have fun!

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