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What we’re about

Hi Everybody

My name is Emilie

I'm sure you're wondering why a French woman decided to take on the administration and leadership of a group of American women entrepreneurs on meetup?

One of thing I believe the most in is THE CONNEXION.
I mean by that real talk, knowing each others. In this digital era, I am deeply convinced that we need to connect. Virtual is not that easy, even if we have to learn the rules, but having support of « real » people is a must.

So why a French women to American women ?
First it’s because I will be in Florida by the end of the year and I need to meet other amazing boss ladies.
Second is because I jump on the opportunity when meetup send a message to take over on the group. I was looking for a long time ago to create this connexion within usa and especially in Florida, so here it is !

Let’s do a refresh ! This is not MY group that I run, this is YOUR group you are in !

There is a big difference because it means that we ALL can be involve in that CONNEXION.

I aspire to speak with as many of you as possible and I encourage you to do the same, In whatever way you can.
This can be done in a zoom meeting or a vox chat, but also over a tea, a drink, a brunch or a meal or any other activity you can participate in.

As I get to know you better, I will ask you to be more active and proactive in the group. To show off, to suggest ideas, to initiate things.

The energy of CONNEXION comes from you to the others and then come back to you, in an infinite motion. You are the source of that first move.

Running a business is exactly the same : First you have the idea (the intuition), then you move (strategics actions) and then it come back to you (with clients, money, joy, balanced, etc…)
It’s a balance between intuition and strategy and your are the link.

I truly believe that we need to have the feet on the ground and the head in the stars to have a successful business.

My most heartfelt wish, and which animates me every day in my business, is a place where friendship and sisterhood are the heart of the business model.

To help that, my first action will be to invite you to a monthly event (online for the moment) which I will call « the Margaritas girl’s time »

What is the concept :

A monthly meet where we all bring our margaritas drinks (or any mocktails) and we talk, share, connect. A theme could be addressed or we could go with the flow and the questions to answer.

Subjects could be (but not exhaustive) :

  • time management
  • Business struggles
  • Marketing content and strategies
  • Pricing and money issues
  • Clients requests
  • Leadership
  • Growing business strategies
  • Team needs and issues
  • Management
  • Impostor or save syndromes
  • Any kind of blockages we can faced
  • Celebrations
  • Or any kind of subjects we need to talk about that can help us…

The rules :

Fun and Laughs, friendship and girls time !
A safe space on Zoom, to talk about what is bothering us, whether if it's in our business, in our personal lives or maybe with our children if needed. A community of women who are talking to women.
No taboos.

You just need to bring your commitment, your joy, your kindness and caring for each other and your Margarita glasses of course !
Respectful words and behavior are a must for such a supportive community. Any inappropriate behavior or with no good intentions will not be tolerate.
Only good vibes !
It could be a place to support each other in our business and in our lives.
A time to learn from each others. To be inspired. To create new projects. To partner. To find new clients.To reinvent ourselves. To find new opportunities and to really talk to each other.

Connection is a major way to grow our respective businesses and we are 626 members in this group !!
So we have such an amazing tank of connection possibilities here !

I have always found it more effective to sell or buy from people I know and have talked to before.
In this digital world we can feel lonely. So let's get connected in a fun way. And maybe one day we can meet in the real life and have a Margarita girls Time by an amazing Floridian sunset.

Cheers !!

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