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This group was created to develop and harness a growth mindset among entrepreneurial oriented people by association.
- If you're interested in learning leadership, business, communication and other important skills needed to soar in your small business or life;
- if you are looking for coaching, motivation and help to find your chance to own a business, or grow the one you already have, this group is for you.
Our events are social and interesting and we will always have somebody with experience sharing content that'll help your growth as an person and as an Entrepreneur

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Mastermind - The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

801 E Las Olas Blvd

We’re starting a series of masterminds to discuss books. The reason behind this is that for us to grow , socialize with the right people and read the right books is critical. We are aiming to create hunger for reading since we already have the socialization part going on, so you can read a summary of this great book from Deepak Chopra click link below or go ahead and buy it and read the entire book. https://www.mixcloud.com/bestbookbits/the-seven-spiritual-laws-of-success-by-deepak-chopra/ The #7 is very significant not just a lucky number . There are 7 colors in the rainbow , 7 notes in music , 7 days in the week .... this is not a coincidence , would you like to try ? You can participate in the mastermind even if you don’t read it since you’ll learn, create and share ideas. Hopefully starting the habit of reading after a couple of sessions. Can’t wait to start discussions and learn from each other. Co-workers, Partners, and clients are invited. We are not your your typical network we engage, thrive and values your talents and experiences.

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Motivation Night - To Overcome Oneself

801 E Las Olas Blvd

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