What we're about

For those interested in making personal enquiry, working with awareness through the healing arts to transform what no longer serves them and give time to nourishing what wants to emerge and develop, in the now of their lives.

I provide a creative safe & guided space to take an alchemical journey releasing the old to make way for the new within the nourishing alchemical cauldron of community Let the power of community balm your spirit provide knowledge and medicine for healing I will guide you through Somatic based warm up into moving meditation Connecting to Emerge2life™ movement map The four elements -the 5th being Visioning!

(Includes elements of Expressive Arts TLAP Movement/Drawing/Creative writting & Dialogue) Co-creating your vision of now! I look forwards to moving with you in the transformative & colourful cauldron of community diversity & healing! Big Love Donna x

In addition my work connects community to Environment as ground for personal development through healing arts.

Connect with the environment and in turn ourselves - return to our bodies focusing on our breath and through somatic awareness our bones tissue and organs. From that place of deeper connection we will begin to move and explore relating with the environment... see what we see...notice what we notice... hear what we hear...land our discoveries onto the page through abstract drawing. We'll anchor our experience in dialogue with each other. 1-1 coaching/ In studio group classes also offered.

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