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The world is changing rapidly and we must adapt with it. We have gone from a time when almost everyone was self-sufficient to a time when most people were employees and worked for someone else. We are now entering the era of the Independent Contractor. That means having your own business. Self-sufficiency rises again and we all need to know how to take advantage of that or we'll be in trouble. The focus of this group is to enable people to do that.

There are so many different areas of finance that it is impossible to adequately cover all of them. This group will focus primarily on real estate because it is the most lucrative long-term wealth-building industry in the history of the world. That is NOT an exaggeration, and the opportunities that exist now are opportunities that have never been available before for the common man or woman. Technology has provided that.

If you are interested in developing a strategy for adjusting to that change and riding that wave instead of getting crushed by it, this group is for you. We will show you what the school system doesn't want you to know...things you should have been taught but weren't. We will open your eyes to many new possibilities, and they don't all have to do with real estate, but real estate is the focus. Join us and learn!

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