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Net HP SFL: Networking for Hindu Professionals was founded this year by a group of passionate young Hindu Professionals, a few advisors, and their like-minded supporters, all of who felt that SFL lacked the active presence of its youth (ages 25-35) when it came to volunteerism, seva, & support of Hindu based causes. The goal of this grass roots organizations is to give their members access to the plethora of Hindu causes, associations & organizations so they can build relationships and serve their community as a strong, vibrant, passionate group. The strength in Net HP lies in its focus on fostering a friendly, social environment among its diverse membership first and foremost. The founders call SFL home and want to welcome all new comers to our Hindu community, but to do so, we must build a network of advocates among ourselves.
We encourage the Hindu-based organizations on our area to get in touch with us, so we can get our members to learn about you.

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Bowling with a Networking Twist

Bowlero Davie

Save the Date

The Sylvester

Yoga on the Beach

3001 N Ocean Blvd

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