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Ia Drang Valley

The Battle of Ia Drang was the first major battle between regulars of the United States Army and regulars of the People's Army of Vietnam (PAVN / NVA) of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War. The two-part battle took place between November 14 and November 18, 1965, at two landing zones (LZs) northwest of Plei Me in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam (approximately 35 miles south-west of Pleiku) as part of the U.S. airmobile offensive codenamed Operation Silver Bayonet. The battle derives its name from the Drang River which runs through the valley northwest of Plei Me, in which the engagement took place. "Ia" means "river" in the local Montagnard language.


Operators will be assigned as Red or Blue Team. The scenario will be played base on the above event. Operators will be given an arm band to signify their team affiliation. When registering for this event, please state which airsoft team or group you want to operate with. Note that RSVP will close 2 days prior (20 FEB 2014) to the event so that we can finalized operators affiliation. Operators that shows up without RSVP will be placed on variable roles (NO EXCEPTIONS)

Last Skirmish AAR: 25 January 2014 Weekend Skirmish (

Weekend Skirmish
WHEN: Last weekend of each month
TIME: 1000 hrs - 1600 hrs
Join us for a weekend skirmish/camaraderie
RSVP ENDS 20 February 2014 to better plan for structured scenarios
0900 hrs - Registration and Chrono Begins
1000 hrs - Registration and Chrono Ends
1030 hrs -SAFETY BRIEFING (Do not be late! You will not be allowed to participate without attending the safety briefing / NO EXCEPTIONS!!)
1100 hrs - 1200 hrs 1st Scenario (1 Hour)
1200 hrs - 1230 hrs Break (Lunch and Refit)
1230 hrs - 1330 hrs 2nd Scenario (1 Hour)
1330 hrs -1400 hrs Battle Update Brief (30 minutes)
1400 hrs - 1500 hrs 3rd Scenario (1 Hour)
1530 hrs -AAR/Police Call (Clean Area of Operation)
1600 hrs - Field Close
Game Particulars (Please Read)
2. Combat Rules of Engagement (
3. Please bring an Identification Card with Date of Birth
4. Call Signs (
5. Field of Honor (
6. Waiver-Liability Form (
7. Field Mess: Black Sheep Lounge (