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Over the last year or so I have been rapidly losing weight and have in the last few months included exercise in my schedule. But while weightlifting is great, you've got to get cardio in to the routine and cardio is ... boring.

But I always loved basketball throughout my life and with practice, I'm not even half bad. I joined this website to find a basketball group in my area but it seems I have to start one for it to exist.

What I'd imagine is a group that could potentially meet at the YMCA in Baxter village in Fort Mill (or in the park near my house in Tega Cay when the weather is nice) to play full court basketball. Ideally I'd like to get enough people involved that if someone wanted to play a game every single day, there'd always be one available.

I think we'll have to hit critical mass of potential players to get some games on the schedule but the fact is, full court basketball is amazing cardiovascular exercise. And a helluva lot more fun than staring at a treadmill display.

I'd say once we have 10 people interested we can schedule a game. I'm self-employed so my schedule is flexible. Mornings around 8am would be ideal but I know not everyone has the same flexibilities so we'll have to figure something out if we can reach enough members.

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