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How to Meditate With Your Heart
Feel free to drop into this meditation class! Each class contains two guided meditation, practical advice on a particular topic to increase our happiness and solve our problems, and usually time for discussion and questions. All of our problems come from our unpeaceful ways of thinking. By reversing these and adapting peaceful, positive ways of thinking we can stop all of our problems for good. Meditation is all about identifying negative habits of mind and changing them into positive states of mind, and then stabilizing this positive attitude single-pointedly, without distraction, which deepens our experience of it. Think of meditation as beings diet and exercise for your mind. Since our mind is where happiness and suffering come from, this is essential! I hope to see you at these classes. They are just over an hour long and contain just enough to get a taste and a practical tool to use during the week. Please enjoy. They are $10 or free for members who sign up.

Samudrabadra Kadampa Buddhist Center

6338 Presidential Ct Ste 105 · Fort Myers

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This group is for anyone interested in guided meditations and practical teachings on how to: reduce stress, anxiety and anger; improve harmony in relationships; and experience greater peace of mind and happiness in daily life.

Meditation is a scientific method to induce mental peace, the source of happiness, and to transform ourself into the person who we wish to be.

We can change our attitude completely through meditation, gradually reducing and eliminating the negative, non-helpful ways of thinking and increasing the positive, beneficial ones until all that's left are positive, joyful and compassionate states of mind. Then we are a happy person who can share our peace and happiness with others--how wonderful!

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