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Welcome and thank you for visiting my page!
I am a Spiritual Energy Worker, and Transformation Coach.

I've been super busy finishing up my Upcoming Book! "A Spiritual Recovery ~ My Colon Story." Subtitle, "How to use the Law of Attraction and a Medical Manual to have a Blessed outcome from Surgery."

Also I have launched a free Private FB group Embrace Your Spiritual side with Linda Crea. Please join me there for more frequent interactions on all things Spiritual! I'd love to have you XO *I will Dropbox my CD the Mixing Bowl Audio Guided Roleplay Exploring Difficult Relationships and offering Forgiveness which is a Great 6th Chakra Exercise for joining my FB group!

I invite those who seek and would like to know more about the spiritual side of life to keep reading. You may really enjoy this deep contemplation type work, really getting to know yourself and your higher self. Seeking a life filled with more bliss and happiness than the opposing lower emotions.
I am a Certified Spiritual Energy Healer, Prayer Practitioner, Meditation Guru, Ordained Minister, I am un-judgeable, and I don't judge others in return. I suppose you could say that I am a happy black sheep. If you feel that way too, than you are in the right place!
The content of my groups will vary, from events using a pendulum to give you clear proof of our Chakras, where they are and how they are affected in positive and negative ways. To know this is so important, I would love to share this with you...

I host classes on prayer and how a meditative/prayer state of mind can be carried into your personal temple, sanctuary and become ingrained in your cells ~ allowing you to be a magnet for happiness and joy and a lot of other manifestations will occur. I also have a CD which is thought provoking and good for classes too. It is based on Exploring difficult relationships and offering forgiveness. Yes! self forgiveness too. I hope that these classes and my CD will be prompt that finally allows you to get off the hook you put yourself on and be Free. God Bless You and I look forward to meeting you in person one day ~

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