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GREETINGS TO WOMEN ZEBRA'S, A Zebra is one who struggles with an uncommon or rare disorder

"When one who hears hoof beats you might envision a horse because they are not conditioned through education to think it could be a different uncommon health issue like a Zebra's stripes are not all the same making each one unique thus rare".

A non formal all inclusive open forum support meet up. In a caring compassionate relaxed style setting. No matter if you have been diagnosed yet or not we welcome all related illnesses. We greet with hugs if wanted and updates of our health journey. There are no set times for discussions or coordination of who speaks unless pre planned activities are scheduled. Everyone is invited to present any ideas or suggestions or to talk about any need they may have at any time during meet up.

We all tend to have something of interest to share with the group and listen to each one with concern and respect. We may ask about your journey and life in general so we know how to better support you because we compassionately desire to help in any way we can. If you wish to participate or just sit quietly it's your choice. You are free to speak and act openly without judgement only within respectful guidelines to property and safety of visitors.

SCHEDULE: Most meet ups are scheduled on Sunday afternoons usually once or every other month between the hours of 1:00pm to 4:00pm. I'll post a flyer about meet ups in related Facebook informative support group. In case I am not able to be there because of sickness I'll inform you by email.

WOMEN RSVP: For each meet up you plan to attend please RSVP. If you need cancel do so ASAP in case you are the only one who may attend. If no one RSVPs a meet up I will not be at place. If I need cancel I will email through meetup.com. Children may attend meet ups as RSVP guests of a member if supplied with quiet activities they can manage on their own.

DISCLAIMER: We never give advice, counsel, diagnose or prescribe anything no matter how it may be stated in a conversation. We can only recommend through our experiences or related to others knowledge. We only give suggestions that you must decide for yourself if you want to utilize. We recommend AT ALL TIMES you consult a professional medical adviser before implementing any information given by us or anyone.

SPECIAL EVENTS: We may have pre-planed topics of health concerns for certain individuals or problems faced by our community and/or members open for discussion. Our goal is to create awareness and get as much information to those who need it to help our fellow Zebra's cope with the journey of health life.

VENUE: You must be mobile and be able to use facilities on your own. There are no physical care attendnees available to assist you. Please be aware there is no smoking, alcoholic beverages, or illegal substances allow in or around meet up venues. Snacks and drinks may only be admitted if venue allows. You must be mobile and be able to use the facilities on your own. We are not physical care attendees. AGES:: depends on venue.

Make yourself at home bringing your comforters like a blanket or special pillow. Take off your shoes if you like and get as comfortable as possible. We want you to feel cared about.

Sandy R. :: HEDS, MGUS, DSD, OA, Chronic Migraines, FMS, CFS, Hypothyroidism, Myoclonic Seizers, Auto immune disorder, etc....


Updated March 2019

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