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Come battle it out in a team based KARAOKE LEAGUE! Have you ever competed in a karaoke league?! Your team will be judged on how well you SING IT and how well you BRING IT! Sign up as a team, a small group, or just by yourself! We'll put you on a full team before the season begins! Register for our first FREE exhibition competition night at: www.ALPHAbarKaraoke.com (http://www.alphabarkaraoke.com/)

How does it work?
Each week of regular season you face off against one other team in the league. You each get a female solo, male solo, and group song. A panel of judges rate you on two 10 point scales for singing it and bringing it! Whichever opponent has more points at the end of the match gets the victory! We have a live scoreboard that tallies your results against the competition! Every week is a new theme: 80s, 90s, Disney, Showtunes, Movie Soundtracks, Oldies... We have a professional grade wireless headset mic so your hands are free to do whatever you want!! At the end of the season you are seeded into a single elimination tourney by number of wins and points!


What you get in a season

6 weeks of head to head songs against other teams
End of season single elimination tournament (Top 8 seeded teams only)
Photos and full video of all your performances to share online
Follow your team standings and statistics
A LIVE scoreboard
Casual social mixers throughout the season to mingle with the league
Drink Specials at our sponsor bar
A preseason party to meet new teammates and the competition
Free league t-shirt/tank
Use of our old school 50s microphone and our wireless hands-free headset microphone

www.ALPHAbarKaraoke.com (http://www.alphabarkaraoke.com/)

ALPHAbar Karaoke is the ONLY competitive karaoke league in San Francisco, San Jose, and soon...Fort Wayne, Indiana!





www.ALPHAbarKaraoke.com (http://www.alphabarkaraoke.com/)

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