What we're about

Ecstatic Dance Fort Worth // Inspiring Authenticity and Creating Community Through Free Form Dance

Ecstatic Dance's are held twice a month:

Every 1st Friday :: at Urban Yoga

Every 2nd Thursday :: at Raja Yoga

Join us and enjoy everything you love about dance clubs - with a higher vibe and an intoxicant-free space. Ecstatic Dance offers the freedom of self-expression, great exercise, freeing your mind and body, and connecting with community in a safe, healthy space.

In order to keep safe space, we agree:

To dance barefoot
free your feet, free your mind

To leave the chit-chat outside
enjoy the freedom of a non-verbal space

To be intoxicant free
be curious just how intoxicating dance itself can be

To practice consent
honor your YES and NO and the YES and NO of others

To just DANCE
without fear of judgement / fear / or selfies

7:30 | Opening Circle
9:00 | Closing Circle

$15 suggested donation

What to Bring:
1. Loose-fitting clothes that allow for free movement
2. Water to keep yourself hydrated
3. A positive attitude of mutual respect for yourself and others
4. Your cool-vibed and open-minded kind of friends!

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