What we're about

Hi everyone :D I wanted to create a Meetup where people who are interested in metaphysics, spirituality, and personal transformation, could meet and be a part of a Consciousness Circle!

My vision for this Meetup is to meet like-minded people that would love to learn more about various metaphysical topics, as well as share their knowledge and personal experiences. I would also love for anyone wanting to develop their spiritual gifts to use this as an opportunity to practice with others, or use this as a space to learn more about their gifts. I want this to be a healing, transformational, educational, and a safe place to be vulnerable and connect with others.

Side Note: I'm still learning a lot and have always desired to be a part of a loving community of spiritual journeyer's, where we can learn as we go :) This Meetup is donation based, so there is no money required to come and join! Just bring a smile, some water, and a notebook if you want to write down things down.

Examples of what we would do during our Consciousness Circle:
*Meditation (guided, grounding, meeting spirit guides, letting go, manifesting, etc.)
*Discussions on metaphysical topics (the "Clair's," Chakras, auras, past lives, soul mates, twin flames, Laws of the Universe - Law of Attraction, energy, karma, crystals, animal guides, Angels, etc.)
*Practicing spiritual gifts (visualization, energy healing, the "Clair's," discernment, mediumship, channeling, astrology, intuition, etc.)
*Using spiritual tools (pendulum, tarot, oracle, crystals, etc.)
*Monthly moon rituals (focusing on what we are choosing to release/manifest)

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Find Your Tribe! - Consciousness Circle

Capp Smith Park

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