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Are you interested in TED talks, Radiolab, Hidden Brain and other science related podcasts? The Fort Worth Women's Biology Club is welcoming dynamic women who enjoy an engaging group of friends! We strive to learn from others, listen to various viewpoints and bond over the complexities of life and science. No question, idea, or quandary is too abstract. We strive to suck the marrow out of life! If you want to expand your mind, challenge perspectives, and have ideas of your own worth spreading, then this is the group for you. Our members posses degrees in science or a passion for critical thinking. We typically meet at Central Market and now we are excited to meet at our new location Winehaus. Each month a host member will pick a podcast of their choice and we share in an engaging discussion relating to the topic. We ask that each member listen to the assigned podcast and be prepared to thrash out viewpoints.

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Organ Transplants


Succesful organ transplants are in a word, miraculous. But the processes and systems around these procedures are somewhat muddy, and unfortunately often fall short of serving the in-need population. Thousands of people die each year while waiting for an organ transplant. And, while a lot of people support the concept of donating their organs, far less people actually take the steps to do so. Let's take a closer look at what goes into donating organs, some challenges in getting a donor organ to a recipient, and some potential solutions to help drive down the number on organ waitlists.

1. What Actually Happens to Your Body When You Donate Your Organs?
5 minutes

2. Why do so Many Kidneys End up in the trash?
25 minutes

3. The New Organ Donation System
7 minutes

4. Return of Alpha-Gal
*This whole podcast is 1 hour long, but if you need to save some time, focus on the first 10 and last 20 minutes - the middle is a re-run of a prior story!

For our readers in the group:

An NPR article about the recent xenotransplant of a pig kidney to a human

And "A brief history of cross-species organ transplantation" https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3246856/

Important notes for new attendees:

First and foremost - Welcome and thank you for joining us at our in-person Meetup!

2nd. Be sure to have listened to/read/reviewed the material BEFORE joining us. It will help you stay in the loop!

3rd. Feel free to eat dinner before, bring it with you, or order a delicious charcuterie board at Winehaus.

4th. Look for the "Fort Worth Women's Biology Club" sign at the table - it's up before we get started until around 7:30.

5th. A typical Meetup looks like this:
A topic-related icebreaker question and introductions. Gentile banter about the ice breaker or uproarious laughter (Hey, it happens!). Then the hostess throws out thoughts and questions to incite conversation. Discussion usually lasts until 8:00 or 9:00pm.

6th. Sometimes we end early and sometimes we talk past 9:00. No one is obligated for any length of time.

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