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Beginner Photography Workshop
This is our beginner photography workshop. I will be focusing on how to use your camera properly in MANUAL mode. You won't be one of those losers using AUTO - simply panicking and looking for the green square on her dial... We will be thoroughly covering shutter speed, f-stop and ISO and how to use those settings to create beautiful images. You'll learn: • All about getting correct exposure in any situation - during the night or midday. • How to create crisp pictures regardless of if the subject is moving or not. • Making the subject stand out from the background by making the background blurry. • What special effects you can do with long a long exposure. • How to make everything in your image in focus. • You'll understand how ISO gives you photographic superpowers. I'll teach you about which lens to buy for what you're photographing. It matters. Really. If you have a decent camera, your next purchase should definitely be the right lens for what you want to do. You'll learn the correct way to focus so that the right element of the picture is always what's in-focus. Sometimes, you don't want your camera focusing on someone's nose and leave her eyes unfocused. Not good. Slightly distorting your subject is the source of a lot of problems in photography. Have you ever looked at a picture and thought "I look better than this picture shows..." This happens to me all of the time - the problem is that the photographer hasn't followed correct principles to avoid distortion...or I'm taking a selfie. You'll learn three primary ways to avoid distortion: • The importance of shooting full-length and close-up pictures at the correct camera height will be taught so that you don't distort your subject and make them look less attractive. • You'll learn the importance of carefully deciding how far away to be from your subject to not mess up the shape of his or her body. • Some lenses distort. The 'nifty fifty' is a good lens but, if used incorrectly, you're making your subject look slightly troll-ish. We all want to create art with our cameras. This workshop will empower you to feel confident creating the exact image you envision in your head. I'll print out an outline of the workshop so that you'll be able to focus without taking notes. I'll also give you a copy of the slide deck. Bonus Item: You'll get to enjoy my scintillating personality for three hours!

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