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Inspired by the bestseller "Lost Connections," this meetup focuses on real solutions to the depression that plagues modern society. From the 9 causes for depression outlined in the book, we will reconnect by focusing on nature, community, meaningful values, status, and respect. We will also discuss other causes and solutions.

Together, we will try to make a difference and make our lives better.

Here are the 9 causes:

Cause 1: Disconnection from the Natural World
Cause 2: Disconnection from Other people
Cause 3: Disconnection from Meaningful values
Cause 4: Disconnection from Status and Respect
Cause 5: Disconnection from a Hopeful or Secure Future
Cause 6: Disconnection from Meaningful work
Cause 7: Disconnection from Childhood trauma
Cause 8 and 9: The Real Role of Genes and Brain Changes


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