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Tech Startup Fest is a full-day open public FREE event. This is an inclusive event for all who are part of the startup ecosystem of Silicon Valley.

The focus is on latest and upcoming technology and innovation trends. We have invited speakers to speak on any general or specific topics in the field of their interest and present their perspectives on what new advanced tools and technologies are emerging, what are the most advanced developments and promising opportunities and how innovative startups and companies can find the information vital to their organization's strategy and success.

This event brings together researchers, entrepreneurs, innovators, startup founders, technologists, business executives and investors to speak on topics ranging from research and technology to business and investment. This event is also for engineers, developers, marketers, interns, recruiters, advisors, coaches, mentors and professionals from various backgrounds. All are welcome.





Fill in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW) form to give your best matches an opportunity to get acquainted with you hours before the event. Form closes a day before the event. Also get familiar with our AUDIENCE-COLOR-CODING ( (<-CLICK).

Participate in the event in 2 ways :


Attend the event, watch presentations, meet speakers and team up with most of your matches in person.


About 8 hours before the event, check match-making email in inbox/spam folder, learn your 20-30 best matches out of hundreds of participants/attendees. Team up virtually with your best matches from the luxury of your home. (You could also watch live-streaming of the event, if you do not mind audio quality).



(Presentations are 20 minutes each)

09:00 AM Welcome

10:15 AM About the event - by host Niki

10:30 AM Ruth Fisher, Quantaa

10:50 AM Sheng Gu, Emotiv Digital

11:10 AM Kartik Gada, Woodside Capital

11:30 AM Stas Khirman, KHIRMAN AND SON LLC

11:50 AM Mike Rogers, The Revenue Group

12:10 PM Jesse Tinsley, Dilectus (fireside chat host : Atul/Niki)

12:30 PM Lunch & Networking break

01:00 PM Thanking Sponsors

01:10 PM Marcel Reese, Holotron

01:30 PM Mohsen Hejrati, Good AI Lab

01:50 PM Anand Sampat, datmo

02:10 PM Rob Markovic, Optimizing Mind

02:30 PM Joe Monastiero, SiBi

02:50 PM Jatinder Singh, BOTPLAN

03:10 PM Rajeev Gupta, DBSync

03:30 PM Chadwick Manning, ElectrIQ Power ( host:Jethro)

03:50 PM Russell Jones, CargoChief

04:10 PM Shane Mac, (fireside chat host : Jethro)

04:30 PM Eve Soboleva, Alive Accelerator

04:50 PM Punit Soni, Robin (fireside chat host : David)

05:10 PM Sunil Bhaskaran, Meetup Money Making Secrets

05:30 PM SC Moatti, Mighty Capital

05:50 PM Steve B., Bachmann Law Group (f. chat host : David)

06:10 PM Michael Liebowitz, Magnetic Mind Studio

06:30 PM Networking Break

06:50 PM Thanking Sponsors

07:00 PM Pitch-&-Demo (top 10 crowd nominations;5 min each)

08:00 PM Networking

08:30 PM Closing

Main event takes place in a large auditorium. Speaker-wise schedule of presentations will only be listed on the event day.



MAIN SPEAKERS (in alphabetic order by last name) :

Steve Bachmann, Bachmann Law Group ( - (IP attorney).

Sunil Bhaskaran, Meetup Money Making Secrets (

Ruth Fisher, Ph.D, Quantaa ( - (researcher, economist)

Kartik Gada, Woodside Capital ( - (investor, technologist)

Sheng Gu, Emotiv Digital ( - (executive)

Rajeev Gupta, DBSync ( - (founder)

Mohsen Hejrati, Good AI Lab ( - (technologist & founder)

Russell Jones, Cargo Chief ( - (founder)

Stas Khirman, KHIRMAN AND SON LLC ( - (investor)

Michael Liebowitz, Magnetic Mind Studio ( - (marketing coach)

Shane Mac, ( - (founder).

Chadwick Manning, ElectrIQ Power ( - (founder).

Rob Markovic, Optimizing Mind ( - (technologist)

SC Moatti, Mighty Capital ( - (investor)

Joe Monastiero, SiBi ( - (founder)

Marcel Reese, Holotron - (inventor, founder)

Mike Rogers, The Revenue Group ( - (CEO, investor)

Anand Sampat, datmo ( - (technologist & founder).

Jatinder Singh, BOTPLAN ( - (founder)

Punit Soni, Robin (Learning Motors) ( - (founder).

Eve Soboleva, Alive Accelerator ( - (founder)

Jesse Tinsley, Dilectus ( - (founder).

SPEAKERS WAITING (participate if a main speaker is absent) :

Antonio Trincao, Youcanevent ( - (founder)

Sehul Shah, DeciZone ( - (founder)

Vivian Hu, Bolden International Tax Services ( - (founder)

Galib Abbaszade - (technologist)

David Konaka

The final speaker-wise schedule of presentations will be listed a few days before the event.


Names are listed in alphabetic order by last name below. To join the panel as an investor for judging pitches and demos, please do fill in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW).

Baron Chang, Bigbang Angels - (investor)

Adam Dawkins, Plug and Play Ventures ( - (investor)

Stas Khirman (, KHIRMAN AND SON LLC ( - (investor)

Adam McFarlin

Koichi Morita, California Innovation Center - (investor)

Mike Rogers, The Revenue Group ( - (CEO, investor)

Yuji Yamamoto, AGC ( - (investor)

Jun Deng, Tsingyuan Ventures ( - (investor)


To participate or to nominate participants, please do fill in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW). Participants will be nominated by investors & attendees right at the time of the event. Spot is not guaranteed for all the participants. Only top 10 nominations will get to pitch or demo to investors and to the audience members for 5 minutes each, including QA. Names are listed in alphabetic order by last name below.

Ana Alves, CortexXus - (Co-founder)

Peter K Chen, Team Downey ( - (entrepreneur-in-residence)

Bora Ertung, NeuroDNA Inc. ( - (founder, computer scientist)

Alex Frazatti, ( - (CEO)

Maxx Freedman, UNCOVR ( - (founder)

Shelly Gupta, GiftVolo ( - (founder)

Rushabh Gandhi, LouiesClub ( - (founder)

Vince Gaydarzhiev, alcatraz ai ( - (founder)

Vivian Hu, Bolden International Tax Services ( - (founder)

Alonso Holmes, Chorus ( - (founder)

Russell Jones, CargoChief ( - (founder)

Chadwick Manning, ElectrIQ Power ( - (founder).

Adam McFarlin

Joe Monastiero, SiBi ( - (founder)

John Racioppi, RoboSig ( - (founder)

Harrison Rose, TRC ( - (founder)

Janet Shah, TeenJobFind ( - (founder)

Sehul Shah, DeciZone ( - (founder)

Vivek Shrivastava, Incept AI ( - (founder)

Thong Ttran

Franklin Yamamoto, SQLGrease ( - (founder)

Nick Z, Afletik ( - (founder & CEO)


PARTICIPANTS' BIO & SUMMARY OF PRESENTATION (in alphabetic order by last name) :

Ana Alves, CortexXus - (Co-founder)
Bio : My name is Ana Alves. I’m a Co-Founder and CEO of CortexXus, a new startup in the medical device space.
Summary of Presentation : CortexXus is a (stealth) startup and for that reason, we usually only present our pitch after investor sign a NDA. We begin by presenting to investors a executive summary.

Stephen Bachmann, Bachmann Law Group - (patent attorney).
Bio : Steve Bachmann is an IP attorney, specializing in patent law, and founder of Bachmann Law Group, with 17 years of experience in hardware and software technologies for start-ups.
Summary of Fireside Chat : What, Why and When of Intellectual Property Protection for startups

Sunil Bhaskaran, Meetup Money Making Secrets - (coach)
Bio : Sunil is the founder of the Global Meetup Mastermind. He has a meetup organization of more than 72,800+ business owners and professionals in the Silicon Valley and he has been mentoring since 1991.
Summary of Presentation : Build Large Audiences for Your Business using Meetup

Baron Chang, Bigbang Angels - (investor)
Bio : I am working for Bigbang angles, a group of angel investors and accelerators based in Korea. It takes a role of a bridge between Asian startups with global partners.

Adam Dawkins, Plug and Play Ventures - (investor)
Bio : Adam Dawkins is an investor at Plug and Play Ventures where he is primarily responsible for deal sourcing and performing due diligence on early-stage investment opportunities.

Bora Ertung, NeuroDNA Inc. - (founder, scientist)
Bio : Bora is a computer scientist who has 20 years of experience in developing software on various platforms.
Summary of Presentation : I will be presenting the NeuroKernel Distributed Operating system, and how it will change the web computing ecosystem, and reinvent the web application development. I will show a live demo of NeuroKernel and its capability to globally distribute an application piece by piece inside browser.

Jun Deng, Tsingyuan Ventures - (investor)
Bio : Jun Deng is responsible in Life Science investment at Tsingyuan Ventures.

Ruth Fisher, Ph.D, Quantaa - (researcher, founder, economist)
Bio : I apply economic modeling and game theory to assess technology system dynamics, in particular, strategies for technology system adoption, value creation, and value extraction.
Summary of Presentation : Technology System Dynamics: System Adoption, Value Creation, and Value Extraction.

Maxx Freedman, UNCOVR - (founder)
Bio : Entrepreneur and startup growth/expansion leader. #23 @Instacart, Chariot, Braintree
Summary of Presentation : Space to discover the latest direct to consumer products; Bonobos like guideshop for a group of complementary products in home & apparel.

Rushabh Gandhi, LouiesClub - (founder)
Bio : Rushabh is the founder of Louie's Club - a P2P pet-sitting platform. Prior to Louie's Club, Rushabh was part of the Special Projects team at CloudFlare and held various roles at Google.
Summary of Presentation : 'Love dogs. Make Friends.' Louie's Club is a membership-based community where dog-owners and dog-lovers help each other with pet-care for free. We've already saved members more than $15k in pet-sitting costs.

Sheng Gu, Emotiv Digital - (executive)
Bio : Entrepreneur, PhD/MBA, expertise in business intelligence and big data, business strategy & operations
Summary of Presentation : Step by step: building a network of creative media at point-of-sales that delivers immersive digital shopping experience and triple sales

Mohsen Hejrati, Good AI Lab - (technologist & founder)
Bio : 10 years of Machine Learning and AI experience including Google[x]. Our company is building the largest AI Supercomputer.
Summary of Presentation : Large scale machine learning is critical for the business of the future. We will discuss challenges in adopting large scale deep learning and potential solutions.

Russell Jones, CargoChief - (founder)
Bio : Serial entrepreneur, Starting his 5th Start up, Harvard MBA, 6 Patents
Summary of Presentation : AI Affecting the Future of Freight

Michael Liebowitz, Magnetic Mind Studio - (marketing coach)
Bio : Michael Liebowitz shows business leaders how they can resonate with their customer and sell more by targeting the way our brains are wired to trust, engage, and buy. Also, he's funny - sometimes.
Summary of Presentation : Learn how your customer's neurology works to make them choose your product or your competitor's and what you can do to make it go your way.

SC Moatti, Mighty Capital - (investor)
Bio : SC Moatti is a technology visionary, entrepreneur and investor. She is the founding partner of Mighty Capital, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and Products That Count, one of the largest communities of product managers, leaders and founders in the world.
Summary of Presentation : Fundraising Strategies That Make Investors Love You

Chadwick Manning, ElectrIQ Power - (founder).
Bio : Chadwick Manning is an entrepreneur with a passion for sustainability and a vision of a world electrified by solar and energy storage. As the Co-Founder and CEO of ElectrIQ Power, Chadwick is helping to disrupt how energy is generated, stored, and transmitted on the electrical grid; enabling a smarter, more efficient, and secure way to distribute energy. Chadwick graduated from the University of San Diego and holds a bachelors and masters in Accounting.

Joe Monastiero, SiBi - (founder)
Bio : Serial tech entrepreneur 6 start-ups, 1 IPO (Intervideo/WinDVD), 1 M&A (appMobi by Intel)
Summary of Presentation : Hard Lessons from the Edge - Raising your 1st $1M in the Bay Area.

Marcel Reese, Holotron - (founder)
Bio : Inventor, physicist, entrepreneur : Founder of "Holotron" (2015-present), PostDoc at MIT [masked]), PhD in Physics at Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry (2010); previous research covering cancer and influenza research, massive parallel computing, hardware development, electronics; several patents.
Summary of Presentation : Holotron : Full-body remote-control of humanoid robots for disaster response and other tasks. Life-like virtual reality.

Mike Rogers, The Revenue Group - (investor)
Bio : As Founder & CEO of The Revenue Group, Mike Rogers helps companies accelerate their potential in the quickest timeframe possible through strategic partnerships and positioning. He provides access to new markets, new channels, and new technology. Mike also acts as an Operating Partner for Sway Ventures and helps to identify interesting companies with high performing teams, building revolutionary technology, and creating the next enterprise or consumer category. Sway is actively looking for seed stage companies.
Summary of Presentation : "The Secret to Scaling from $1 Million to Beyond $50 Million in Revenue"

Anand Sampat, datmo - (technologist & founder)
Bio : Anand is the Co-founder and CEO of Datmo, a platform to bring machine learning to everyone. Anand has been deeply involved in data science for the last 10 years and is enthusiastic about empowering all individuals across industries to realize the potential of data science.
Summary of Presentation : Datmo is both a platform of AI models and development workflow tools, which enable developers and business to integrate AI into their own applications, while keeping their data in-house. In this presentation we’ll show you how.

Janet Shah, TeenJobFind - (founder)
Bio : CEO/Founder of TeenJobFind looking for potential partner as well as funding
Summary of Presentation : TeenJobFind safely matches teenagers with odd jobs in their neighborhood (babysitting, petsitting, yard-work etc).

Sehul Shah, DeciZone - (founder)
Bio : Sehul is a engineering veteran with 20 years of experience advising corporations in North America as well as Europe. He founded the DeciZone platform to give a competitive advantage to organizations by enabling confident decisions from their members aligned with the overall strategy of the organization. Lets make doing the right thing easy and fun!
Summary of Presentation : DeciZone is a platform designed for streamlining decision making. DeciZone makes organizations perform efficiently and consistently because it enables creation, delivery, analysis and management of guidelines using simple navigable flowcharts which are accessible from anywhere. Demo: Should You patent your brilliant idea? (

Vivek Shrivastava, Incept AI - (founder)
Bio : Vivek Shrivastava is the co-founder of Incept AI, focused on improving tech support experience for mobile devices using AI.
Summary of Presentation : We are building an AI assistant for solving frustrating issues people face on their Android smartphones. It will allow users to simply state their problem -- flaky wifi, battery drain and the assistant will configure the settings to solve their issue.

Jatinder Singh, BOTPLAN - (founder)
Bio : Co-founder and CEO of Looking for AI, NLP, and ML experts to join our small team for a significant equity.
Summary of Presentation :'s conversational AI is focused on converting online leads into appointments.

Antonio Trincao, Youcanevent - (founder)
Bio : A serial entrepreneur since 15 years old, working in the event and entertainment industry for almost 10 years.
Summary of Presentation : The vision is to gather the world through the celebration, creating The World Wide Celebration brand. I can event, We can event, Youcanevent.

Nick Z, Afletik - (founder & CEO)
Bio : Founder and CEO of
Summary of Presentation : The best sporting goods curated for you



1. Watch presentations by speakers

2. Do networking with your matches, have private meetings, make deals, build teams, hire talent, etc.

These activities go on in small rooms in parallel through out the day. These are all 1-on-1 activities that are initiated by participating attendees themselves. To participate in all of these activities (for FREE) and to network effectively and efficiently, everyone must fill in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW).



Sofia University ( 1059 East Meadow Circle, Palo Alto, CA



WATER SPONSORS : Maria Hernandez & Gabriel Plasencia

BOOK-A-SPONSOR-TABLE ( (<-Click) : 10 tables are available.

Table 1. Centric Legal Services ( (contact Monica Winghart (

Data Protection, Intellectual Property, Technology Transactions, Privacy and Emerging Companies

Table 2. Goal Boss ( (contact Will Pemble (

Vision: We inspire high-performing teams to accomplish anything.
Mission: We share and implement the Goal Boss Leadership System at every single opportunity.
Values: Teamwork, Hard Work, Communication, Delegation, Time Management.

Table 3. AH3B ( (contact Joshua Anq (

A Social Cause for Children



FOR JOB/OPPORTUNITY SEEKER (event is FREE, no need to buy a ticket) :
If your goal is to reach out to your 20-30 matches and meet attendees at the event, then you should go for this option.
• Info provided in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW) form goes to 20-30 matches. You receive a match-making email. You get to learn your matches and your matches get to learn you along with each other's contact details. You and your matches could reach out to each other.
• Could bring banners, logos, fliers, brochures, visiting cards, etc.

FOR FOUNDER/TALENT SEEKER (event is FREE, no need to buy a ticket) :
• If your goal is to reach out to your 20-30 matches and meet attendees at the event, then you should go for this option.
• Info provided in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW) form goes to 20-30 matches. You receive a match-making email. You get to learn your matches and your matches get to learn you along with each other's contact details. You and your matches could reach out to each other.
• Could pitch in a general queue for 30 seconds.
• A spot (with a chair and table space) ordered by first name is allocated so that the name could be located by JOB SEEKERS.
• Could bring company banners, logos, fliers, brochures, visiting cards, etc.

• If your goal is to promote your brand name to 31,000+ members of our meetup group and if you need a table space to give demo of your product to attendees, then be a sponsor of the event.
• You could bring company banners, logos, fliers, brochures, visiting cards, etc.
• You could pitch to the audience for a couple of minutes. The audience includes entrepreneurs, innovators, startup founders, technologists, business executives, investors, engineers, developers, marketers, business coaches and professionals from various backgrounds.
• We give you a premier spot in the reception area (with 1-2 chairs and a table) and a paper name-plate printed with company name as a sponsor written on it. Spot / table gets easily located by all attendees.
• We declare your name/Company name/Logo on the meetup page and announce it at least once to all 31,000+ members of SVE meetup group.



If you are looking for matches in any specific category, please fill in LEARN-YOUR-BEST-MATCHES ( (<-CLICK NOW) to learn about them.

22% Seeking Job (With Salary/Equity/Internship)
20% Seeking Advisor/Co-founder/Executive Roles
17% Offering Advisor/Co-founder/Executive Roles
16% Raising Funds (For Seed/Angel Round)
11% Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs
11% Offering Job (With Salary/Equity/Internship)
10% Looking For Funded Startups (Having 1-10 Employees)
10% Offering Coaching (Pitch/Executive/Leadership/Skill)
9% Raising Funds
9% Offering Expertise (Sales/Marketing/Business Dev)
9% Seeking Partnership Opportunity
7% Looking For Funded Startups (Having 11-50 Employees)
6% Seeking Coaching (Pitch/Executive/Leadership/Skill/Life)
6% Looking For Funded Startups (Having 51+ Employees)
6% Offering Partnership Opportunity
5% Representing Funded Startups (Having 1-10 Employees)
5% Seeking Expertise (Fund/Capital Raising)
5% Representing Startups (Having A Solid Founding Team)
4% Looking For Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs
4% Interested In Pitching/Demoing To Investors Privately
4% Raising Funds (For Series A/B/C Or Beyond)
4% Looking For Startups (Having Solid Founding Teams)
3% Representing Startups (Having An MVP With Traction)
3% Investors (For Seed/Angel Round)
3% Looking For Startups (Having MVPs With Traction)
2% Serial Entrepreneurs (Have Made A Successful Exit)
2% Offering Expertise (HR/Accounting/Tax)
1% Attending As Investors
1% Interested In Watching Pitches/Demos Privately (As Investors)
1% Representing Funded Startups (Having 11-50 Employees)
1% Seeking Expertise (HR/Accounting/Legal)
1% Offering Expertise (Legal/Corporate Law/IP/Securities)
.... and many more ....