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=== Agenda ===

5:30PM Networking

6PM Opening & Introduction

6:05PM Opening Remark

6:15PM App Demo

Bruno Terkaly,Developer Evangelist at Microsoft

"Windows 8"

Jason Dorfman, Founder at Optopic

Rich Wolf, Founder and CEO from mutu, Inc

George Mathew, Founder of Serelyn LLC

Houman Forood, Head of Products at Trilibis

Roman Weishaupl, Founder, Innovation Officer and Speaker at Life of Two, Inc.

Sean Lars Ganser, Co-founder at Super Dark Mysteries

7:30PM Co-co-founder pitch

=== Presenter ===

Jason Dorfman

Founder at Optopic

“I am an entrepreneur that recently moved to Silicon Valley. I am a graduate of the technology management program at UCSB, and my partner, Tim Rodriguez, is a graduate of the CCS computer science program at UCSB. Our most recent experience was at RightScale helping companies like Zynga and Sony overcome challenges in the cloud.
Tim and I are on a mission to fundamentally improve the way people experience the web. Our product is in private beta and we have twoadvisors, Scott McNealy and Robin Richards. We do not have experience pitching this idea to an audience, so we value the feedback we could get from investors and other entrepreneurs.”

Product Desc:
Optopic is building the best way to save, organize, and view your favorite web content. (

Rich Wolf

Founder and CEO from mutu, Inc

Rich Wolf is a Co-Founder & CEO of mutu. Background includes a BS in Electrical Engineering from ISU, IT development in SAP, C-Level enterprise sales to Fortune 500 companies, and label ownership during years spent in the music industry.
Eden Sherry is a Co-Founder and CTO of mutu. He has 15 years of web and app development focusing on content aggregation and delivery.

Product Desc:
"We are launching our new private beta site on January 7th. Leaps ahead of the last iteration - Open for a few more days. I'll send some of you beta invites."

"I'd like to come pitch the new website with my new partner. We also have a new pitch."

Mutu ( curates, classifies, and analyzes user preferences and playback data to vastly improve the delivery of online videos. We are bridging the gap between content creators and users by streaming videos utilizing the Youtube API and adding intelligence to the delivery system. Our Social Discovery Algorithm will achieve preferred content discovery 50-100x faster than traditional searching. The current iteration is being called an Interactive MTV.

George Mathew
Founder of Serelyn LLC

George Mathew is the Founder of Serelyn LLC. Serelyn’s mission is to use sophisticated financial tools and theories to help people from all backgrounds better understand their own financial situations in a clear, unbiased manner. Prior to founding Serelyn, George was a Vice President in investment banking with a focus on M&A among financial institutions. He worked on 10 M&A transactions with a cumulative deal value of over $20 billion and 2 IPO transactions worth over $600 million. His career included stints at both Salomon Smith Barney and Morgan Stanley. George is a graduate of Johns Hopkins and a former Fulbright Scholar.

Product Desc:

‘Libra: Asset & Debt Manager’ (for iPhone) helps users manage their bills and, perhaps more importantly, optimize their assets and debt in a manner that is both logical and unbiased. It provides recommendations such as which debts to pay off first, when it makes sense to invest rather than pay off debt, and how much more users could contribute to their retirement and 401(k) plans. Users are able to input their income, expenses, assets, and debt without providing sensitive personal information or passwords, thereby alleviating many privacy and security concerns. Libra then provides both bill payment reminders and specific asset and debt reallocation recommendations based on a patent-pending algorithm. Libra also strongly encourages users to establish and maintain an appropriate emergency fund given their level of monthly expenses and debt. ‘Libra: Asset & Debt Manager’ is available for free on the App Store in all countries. More information is also available at (

Houman Forood

Head of Products at Trilibis

Houman Forood is the Head of Product at Trilibis where he spearheads SmartPath Next, a transformative software product that uses server-side intelligence to simplify and accelerate web development for today’s multi-device world. In his role, Houman works closely with R&D to transform core technology into an open product that empowers developers to create highly optimized websites for any combination of targeted devices without sacrificing performance or user experience.
Houman has more than a decade of mobile experience; starting off in the late 1990's in technology investment banking helping young and promising wireless companies secure funding to support their growth. He later transitioned into the industry and worked for Orange, Danger, Microsoft and Nokia in product management roles, building and marketing mobile platforms and developer programs.
Houman holds a BA in Economics from Sonoma State University where he graduated with honors and distinction.

Product Desc:

Whether your preference is One Web, dedicated mobile sites or a blend of the two, SmartPath Next enables you to efficiently create cross-device, optimized web experiences that work flawlessly on any device, regardless of its browser and hardware capabilities. SmartPath Next is an HTML/CSS post processing application that resides on the web server. To offer device-specific experiences and content, developers add SmartPath Next tags and attributes to a site’s HTML/CSS code. These tags and attributes specify which content or HTML code block should be displayed on which device. Developers can choose from over 40 pre-defined device and browser groups to accelerate development. Alternatively, they can create custom groups to achieve the desired level of granularity. At runtime, the SmartPath Next software post-processes the HTML/CSS for these device-designating tags and attributes, serving only the code appropriate for the requesting device. Because the software only touches the front-end code base, the backend code requires no modification.

Roman Weishaupl
Founder, Innovation Officer and Speaker at Life of Two, Inc.

Roman is the founder and Innovation Officer at Life of Two, Inc. which translates into the product guy. He is responsible for the development of the mobile app Twyxt both iOS and Android as well as future development and planning.
He is also an internationally known speaker who has a strong reference from conferences in Germany and all over the world. He is known for his inspiring and engaging presentations. In his pitch he will take the whole audience on an emotional, interactive and multimedia-based journey to the power of TWO. In 5 Minutes!
Before he co-founded Life of Two, Inc. he workd as Director and Global Innovation Advisor at TrendONE in Germany, Roman managed a network of more than 80 trend spotters worldwide. He has gained international working experience in Germany, Malaysia and the US, and graduated from the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and Universiti Putra Malaysia. His specialties include — apart from keynote presentations — innovations, trends, insights, communication and the future of digital and mobile media in particular.

Product Desc:

Twyxt ( features the best messenger for couples to share, have fun and get things done! A private and secure un-social network for two — you and the one you love. Send messages while you post events, photos and moods. Never miss a heartbeat with Twyxt.
Twyxt enables couples to write their own story!

Sean Lars Ganser


Developer by day, musician by night - Sean Lars Ganser lives and breathes music and tech, and how the two can come together to make our lives more enjoyable.
Graduated from NYU-Polytechnic University with an M.S. in Integrated Digital Media and Computer Science. Over 12 years experience in web and development, composer of various film scores, produced 4 independent records, and likes to swim in the Swedish archipelago.

Product Desc: The digital music space is continually expanding with no end in sight. With the rise of social media and the perceived need for countless social integrations music apps are getting cluttered and repetitive.
Infinite-Scan allows users to easily discover free music.
A curated database of internet radio stations lets users discover free music created by a DJ, as opposed to music shared or recommended by an algorithm.

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