What we're about

Entrepreneurial moms meet and network with each other. Anyone who owns a business, wants to own one, is working on a creative venture, or wants to be around other businesswomen in Nashville and surrounding neighborhoods can be a part of this Exchange. You do not have to be a business owner yet.

This Exchange is about networking, helping each other through trials and tribulations, questions, problems, educating and empowering each other. We will invite speakers and experts on interesting topics. And, of course, we will discuss our kids, too!

We want to know more about you and your venture. We don't sell to or recruit fellow members--we provide a safe haven away from all that. Let's take each other's businesses out to our own networks and help each other thrive.

We encourage you to visit The Founding Moms (http://www.FoundingMoms.com) to read more about mom entrepreneurs (http://www.FoundingMoms.com) everywhere.

See you soon!

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