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We hail from the FOUR CORNERS of the Bay Area with one mission: Hike, Drink, Rinse, Repeat! Our group hikes follow the compass, alternating between North Bay, East Bay, South Bay and Peninsula. No matter what corner of the map you come from, we'll be hiking in your neck of the woods just around every 4th event.

For those familiar with other Bay Area hiking Meetups, you know the drill more or less with regard to etiquette and attendance. For those who may be new to Meetup or hiking in general, a few basics:

1. The RSVP "Yes" list is the be-all and end-all for the day of the hike. A lot of times, the hike fills up fast after being posted, so don't be discouraged if you don't make the list. Sign up on the waitlist! More often than not you'll get bumped up as peoples' plans change and drop out.

2. Because of the above, we won't have plus-ones. If you want someone to come with you on the hike - have them RSVP. Usually it'll work out that they end up on the "Yes" list with you. The promise of buying beer for the organizer also helps your odds if you're not a fan of leaving things to chance...

3. Speaking of beer: The Post-Hike is MANDATORY! If you can't make it to the food and beer spot afterward for at least one drink with the group, then wait until the next event when you can. It's Four Corners Hiking & Beer Club, not Four Corners Hiking [and maybe] Beer [if there's time] Club. And trust me, nothing is better than a cold one with friends old and new after rigorous hikes in beautiful places.

4. Due to the timeline we have set for the day, we can't be held up for one or two people who can't make pace. If you think there's a chance you could be one of those people because you're newer to hiking, your ankle surgery was last week, your lung transplant is rejecting, the baby is due any day now, etc...please consider whether that particular hike is for you. Most of the hikes we do in this group are considered moderate-difficult. (Details are provided in the hike descriptions.)

5. If you're into challenging hikes with breathtaking views of this gorgeous place we call home while interacting with a diverse group of drama-free people over trails and fun beer spots....then look no further, you've found the right group!

Who are the hikers in the Four Corners Hiking & Beer Club? A guide to the hierarchy:

1-3 Hikes: Bushwackers

Bushwackers are hikers who wander off trail in the interest of taking a shortcut, creating a trail, looking for a rumored location, etc. Hikers usually begin their worst war stories with "We were bushwacking and then..."

4-9 Hikes: Slackpackers

Nothing suits the Slackpacker more than a day in the wilderness, except perhaps, a day in the wilderness followed by ultra fine beer in a craft brewpub. You'd enjoy weeklong expeditions, if only you could jump in a car at the end of the day and head off to a comfortable bed after a hot shower. Congratulations, you are a confirmed Slackpacker. And this means you are also eligible for Off The Grid (OTG) Hikes.

10+ Hikes: FoLoCos!

Welcome to the elite of the Four Corners Hiking & Beer Club! As someone who's hiked each of the (Fo)ur (Lo)cal (Co)rners, FoLoCos have bagged 10 hikes with the group and are masters of carpooling and post-hike shenanigans.

25+ Hikes: MoFoLoCos!

The Most FoLoCo you can possibly be! By this point, you've probably done something worthy of witness protection.

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