Isobelle F.Isobelle F.

Isobelle F.

Assistant organizer, Initiate, First Degree working toward Second


Framingham, MA

Joined group

May 22, 2017



What excites you about studying practicing regularly within a wiccan circle/coven? What is your understanding of the interpersonal skills and connections needed to be part of a group versus a solitary practitioner?

I am excited about sharing the circle with other people for a change.

What is your previous circle experience that leads you to be ready for regular practice, what classes have you taken to be ready to contribute to a coven, versus here-and-there, or solitary study?

I have been studying magic and various schools of ecstatic spirituality for 20+ years, but I have never worked with a group before.

Are you ready to achieve magical and spiritual advancement by working regularly with a traditional (serious-path) circle? Can you schedule ahead, commit to, and make in-person travels to Metrowest framingham, MA at least twice a month?

I want to learn and to refine my own personal practice by sharing energy and sacred space with others.