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Luanà S.



Marlborough, MA

Joined group

Jul 11, 2018

What excites you about studying practicing regularly within a wiccan circle/coven? What is your understanding of the interpersonal skills and connections needed to be part of a group versus a solitary practitioner?

My evolution and self-knowledge.

What is your previous circle experience that leads you to be ready for regular practice, what classes have you taken to be ready to contribute to a coven, versus here-and-there, or solitary study?

Union for the greater good.

Are you ready to achieve magical and spiritual advancement by working regularly with a traditional (serious-path) circle? Can you schedule ahead, commit to, and make in-person travels to Metrowest framingham, MA at least twice a month?

Learning and patience.

What books have you read? How familiar are you with the concepts and study and practice, related to magic, wicca, druidism, ritual, shamanism, energy healing, paganism, and related skills such as crystals, herbs, tarot, astrology, psychic ability?

Zero limit/ Ho’ oponopono

We are a coed group, who work in robes, both indoors and outdoors. We have a curriculum of study and initiation. How comfortable are you with coed? with study? with speaking and participation? With a close-knit caring group? with steady attendance?

I'm a beginner and everything is new to me. I do not feel comfortable talking about much yet.