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What should we do, ... let's have our kids meet and play !
let's give our kids the opportunity to make lasting friends ! tell me what you'd like to do, what your schedule permits... and we will accomodate something soon.


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    What we're about

    Located in San Francisco Bay Area, this groups is dedicated to kids who want to interact with other French speaking children.

    Most of us are French speaking parent who try to use French Languages to maintain our heritages via the use of French communication at home. However often with preponderance of English all arround our children activities, daycare, pre-school etc... they often choose to drop out using the French all together (especially true when you are 4 to 5year old and all your little friends speak only English...

    We want to change this, we want to meet with children who knows French but don't use it for lack of playmate who would communicate in French... if you one of those parent who think an extra language is important for the development of your children, (even if you are don't speak French), your kid is welcome here. Goal is simply for our children to have playdates with kids who *can* speak French (such they start using the language between themselves)

    Note about francophone:

    What is francophonie? The term was coined by French essayist Onésime Reclus in about 1880 to describe the geographic areas in which French was spoken. A lot has happened since then, and today francophonie refers to the ensemble of people around the world who speak French. A Francophone is a person who speaks French and francophone is an adjective (e.g., francophone country).

    Is French important? Yes! French is an official language in 33 countries on 5 continents. French is one of the official languages of a dozen international organizations and is the second most commonly studied foreign language in the world.

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