• Experiences and Project Marketplace

    asuro GmbH

    Hey guys! Hope everyone had a good summer pause! This time around we will have something different: just to change a bit a new Meetup place (a.k.a. Flutter is on the road) and instead of the old boring presentation ;) I propose the following: - Patrick and I will share (briefly) our experiences using Codemagic (a CI/CD environment). - I will then open the floor to anyone who might like to talk about something they are working on or would like to. With the second point, I hope everyone might get input on their project, find someone to help or simply exchange some ideas. No one has to talk about, but even if you don't have something concrete I still believe you might find someone who shares your passion or similar and you can benefit from it. If anything else we can have some snacks and some beers together :) Hope to see you there. (Please ring the bell on the 6th floor, it is labeled with Events and Veranstaltungen)

  • Code Night - From Design to App

    codecentric AG

    This time we are creating small groups to work on bringing a design to life. The design will be relatively simple so no worries. It doesn't matter if you are well versed on the Flutter ways or you are just starting out. You can actively code, contribute with ideas, simply risk trying it out your first Flutter coding (YOLO) or just passively criticize the rest of the group... ok maybe not that last one... I am looking forward to having a great time coding with you guys! As usual, there will be food and drinks. The places are limited in order to have a certain comfort when coding together. Bring your laptop!!!

  • New Kids on the BLoC

    codecentric AG

    Managing your app state is giving you a headache? How about the amount of "solutions" you find out there on the wild of the internet? On this meetup we'll show you the BLoC approach, which is also the unofficial recommendation of the flutter team. Join us for some snacks, drinks and of course flutter!

  • Animation in Flutter

    codecentric AG

    There are a couple of different ways of creating some animations in Flutter. I would like to show a couple of possibilities and go through creating a simple animation and embedding on an app.

  • Group Coding Session

    codecentric AG

    The first event was great and a lot of you asked for a hands-on session where we would go through a quick program together. So in this session bring your computer and we can do some coding together. In order to fast track the experience maybe everyone could install the dev environment as described on https://flutter.io/docs/get-started/install If any questions about the installation arise, just write me a PM or we can deal with it on the day (but preferably before). An app preview of what we will be coding will be available a couple of days before the meetup... until then I'll keep the suspense... Again we will have pizza and drinks available so don't hesitate to come in hungry ;)

  • Flutter 101 - Starting to Discover

    codecentric AG

    In the first meeting of the year and inaugural meeting of this group I would like to propose a mix: - Let's get together and talk over food and drinks - A short presentation about what is Flutter, how it works and what can we do with it - Bring your laptop if you want and we will go together over a small "Hello World(ish)" app together If this sound good than join us!!! There will be pizza and drinks provided so no need to get something to eat before. P.s.: Be free to contact me with ideas for a meetup and even if you want to share/present something yourself