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Every Thursday at 19.00 there is a boargaming meetup at Mehrgenerarationhaus (Frankfurt Gallus). The event is organized on Boardgamegeek: In the corresponding thread you can announce a game in advance if you want to find other players to play with you. But this is not necessary. There are always gamers called "Spontanspieler" that meet at the location and decide on what to play right there. New faces are always welcome and english is no problem. There is no fee for the location and you can bring your own food and beverages. In fact you need to because nothing is sold at the location. The place has no Ludothek. Players bring the games to play theirselves. So fell free to bring you favourite games. Hope to meet you there sometime. BGG-Guild Rhein-Main exists now for about 10 years and after some years of wandering through several restaurants in Frankfurt a few years ago the boardgame meetup has found it's home at Mehrgenerationhaus. With very seldom exceptions (Xmas etc.) it takes place every Thursday.

Mehrgenerationenhaus Kids im Zentrum Frankfurt-Gallus (Familienrestaurant=

Idsteiner Straße 91 · Frankfurt am Main

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This is a meetup group for game lovers of all ages from all over Frankfurt. Events include board games, card games, party games, and more. Please feel free to make any kind of suggestions and contact the organizer to create events. Play fair and have fun!

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