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This group is for everyone interested in making International Friends, speaking german, english and other languages, make new happy experiences, going out, eating and drinking, interested in cultural events, hikes, international food, movies, any kind of outings and many other things. You can also start organizing your own events here anytime without asking me, so you can easily meet new and old friends from all over the world. Members are encouraged to organize outings for fellow members. Let us know what you'd like to attend with a group and we'll set it in motion.

Just sign up, join or create an event, and get regular updates on what we have planned.

Thank you for joining.


Everybody is welcome to join, except those who only come to specifically hunt for girls. This is NOT a girl hunting Meetup. Those Pickup Artist guys have to stay away from this group, since they had already caused A LOT of trouble in the past with their constant competitive antisocial behavior which is not conducive for creating a space and atmosphere for genuine friendship and connection. Any specialized girl hunters will be banned from this group after joining. All guys and girls who want to make friends are welcome!

If you should decide not to attend a Meetup Event anymore after signing up for it, please remember to cancel your attendance by clicking on the same green button for the RSVP (attentance) list, and than choosing "NO" instead of "Yes", or other people will be waiting for you to come.

Please try to be part of the group by creating your own Meetup Event sometimes in this group so others can join you for your fun. It is easy to set up an event. It is self-explanatory on the website to do it, and if you have any questions you can ask me (the founder of this group) through my profile (http://www.meetup.com/Frankfurt-International-Friends-Meetup/members/67666952/) anytime.

If anybody has a complaint about anybody else in the group of Frankfurt International Friends, please let me know by sending me a private message through the private-message-link in my profile (http://www.meetup.com/Frankfurt-International-Friends-Meetup/members/67666952/), and I will handle it with care and without exposing you to the other person. If you have a problem with someone in the group it is almost 100 percent certain that other members have that same problem with that person, so please let me know so I can do something about it as the Organizer, and the group will stay harmonious.

See you at any of the Meetup Events.


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