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Meine erste Meetup-Gruppe: Drinking and Socializing with Atheists

Eine Meetup-Gruppe für Atheisten, Agnostiker, Freidenker, Humanisten, Säkularisten, Skeptiker usw. Bei meinem letzten Besuch in NY/USA habe ich an zwei Treffen der Atheisten-Gruppe teilgenommen - die Inspiration für mich, in Frankfurt am Main eine eigene Gruppe zu gründen. Wer hat Lust auf einen Gedankenaustausch zu diesem Thema? Wer hat Lust teilzunehmen? "Drinking and Socializing with Atheists" - in einer Bar oder einem Restaurant in Frankfurt am Main. Keine Agenda - ein einfaches Zusammentreffen mit guten Gesprächen.

A Meetup-group for atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, humanists, secularists, skeptics etc. Join my first Meetup-group for meetings in a bar or restaurant in Frankfurt am Main/Germany. In Sep/Oct 2016 I had my first Meetup-experience with the atheist group in NY/USA - it was a wonderful get-together with interesting people and interesting topics - no agenda - just a simple get-together - "Drinking and Socializing with Atheists". Herzlich willkommen! Join and enjoy!


Organizers are investing time and effort by setting-up/organizing meetup events – plus we are paying for it (only organizers) – I am therefore kindly asking you to follow and to respect the following SIMPLE RULES:

*Be fair! Please do only reply with “RSVP: YES” if you are really interested in joining the Meetup event. Keep your "RSVP" status up-to-date. If you cannot join or are running late, please do inform the organizer and update your status – especially if there has been made a table reservation at a restaurant, a) because other interested members might be on the waiting list, b) in order to amend the reservation at the restaurant. Everybody pays his own bill for meals and drinks. Members who replied via the RSVP button with "Yes" but do not show-up without notification will be blocked in the Meetup group/kicked-out of the group. This shall be a group of reliable people - rather small than big with no commitment.*

Languages/Sprachen: GERMAN and ENGLISH

Interessen/Schlagwörter/Keywords/unsere Themen: * Atheisten * Humanisten * Agnostiker * Skeptiker * Freidenker * Säkularisten * Atheismus * Säkularismus * Humanismus * Ethik * Kritisches Denken * Trennung von Kirche und Staat * Freiheit von der Religion * Intellektuelle Diskussion * Philosophie * Politik * Menschenrechte * Wissenschaft * Aufklärung * säkulare Humanisten * konfessionslos * Laizismus * Gleichberechtigung der Geschlechter * Und natürlich: *essen, trinken, reden und lachen*

Interests/Keywords/Our Subjects: *Atheists * Humanists * Agnostics * Skeptics * Freethinkers * Secularists * Philosophers * Brights * Science Enthusiasts * Atheism * Secularism * Humanism * Ethics * Critical Thinking * Separation of Church and State * Intellectual Discussion * Philosophy * Politics * Human Rights * Science * undenominational * godless * laicism * gender equality * And surely: *eating/dining, drinking, socializing and laughing*

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