Amsterdam Presents: AI Search / Data: Future Beyond The Hype


Hi Everyone, and here we go again:


1900 Doors open/socialising
1930 Start

Ladies and gents, we have something special. For this event we brought you a data science startup from Amsterdam - 904LABS | A project offering next-generation search engines, founded by two PhDs from Amsterdam & Utrecht Unis. There are 3 things Manos Tsagkias | LinkedIn (co-founder) would like to share:

A) Life of Amsterdam Data Science community | Nice to know how our peers are doing there, learn and exchange.

B) Founding a data science startup is not a rocket science. If you are thinking to found one, but not sure yet, this will be interesting for you. Incubators & accelerators are invited.

C) And main part: Next step in ML for searching: online learning to rank, evaluation method called *interleaving*. Its chronicles from evaluation method to being the algorithm that facilitates self-learning search engines. Demo of how it can be implemented on top of any search engine and within any (web) interface. Finally, diving into some real-world results of online learning to rank for e-commerce sites, including the impact on business metrics and an analysis of individual features.

Daniel Lee is a data engineer working at European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites | Few projects he is/was working on: scalable forecasts of solar panel profitability, land use classification using AI, weather prediction, robotics and software engineering for high-performance systems for processing satellite imagery. Co-founder of Full Stack Embedded, an educational project in Africa | Check his LinkedIn |

But forget all that, this time he will talk about fundamental things. What data actually does for us? What possibilities it opens, where is a hype-junk and where is a real breakthrough? If you still believe in magic, this talk will crush down dreams and direct you to a rational cerebration. Of course you are free to argument...

2130 Socialising
2230 End

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SUPPORTERS: People & institutions supporting us, without whom this event won't be possible: our new supporter SAS (Thomas Keil & his team) |, of course STATWORX (Sebastian Heinz & his team) | and our kind hosts Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (Joanna Karajanov Nikolic, Gregory Wheeler and Wolfgang Weicht) | and our bloggers, sharing is caring. People BIG thanks for support!

LOCATION: NEW CAMPUS! Central entrance, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management. Adickesallee 36, 60322 Frankfurt. Google Maps |

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