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WHHOOOPS! Sorry to switch this on you like that, but unfortunately our speakers cancelled due to sickness 😭

BUT I have two good newseses for ya! First of all we found two excellent speakers to fill in 🙌 and second of all we are already planning to get the wolkenkit guys to give their talks in May.

So all is good. No need to worry, we just have a bit of a schedule and subject change for Thursday.

If this has any impact on your plans to attend, please update your RSVP accordingly.

On with the new schedule:

19:00: INTRO

19:15: PERFORMANT CODE – A HOW-TO by Ruben Bridgewater (

Scaling big applications with little cost is often a trade-off between running
more and more servers and optimizing the code running the application. The worst
is though, if something goes wrong.

Most of you have probably had situations like these:

You get a call at 10am on Black Friday: the new JS application you deployed went
down and your monitoring shows your application running at 100% of it's
capacity. To circumvent the problem you try to tweak your cloud providers
auto-scaling settings. So the deployment might be able to handle the load spike
again but with four times the cost. Others do not have the luxury situation to
scale up their application any further because of hardware constrains.

How to prevent these things easily and how to optimize for maximum efficiency is
often not an easy task.

So we dive into how performance optimization is done right and show tools and
strategies how to handle situations like these. I will also give you insight
under the hood of Node.js and V8 so you understand what drives your application.

19:45: BREAK 🍕& 🍺

20:30: ONE BRAIN, ONE KEYBOARD, ONE EDITOR by Miroslav Šedivý (

What do you use to write JavaScript source code, docs, books or e-mails? Single brain, single pair of hands, single keyboard, but a different keyboard layout for each language and a different text editor for each purpose?

Do you use an IDE to work on source code, then switch to an e-mail client to write a message, then open a different editor to work on the documentation and finally ssh to a remote server to edit a configuration file? Do you switch languages frequently or are your colleagues named Müller, François, Dvořák or even Šedivý?

I'll show you how I am happily typing in several languages on a single standard US keyboard layout and why my CapsLock became so useful.
I'll show you how I use a single editor on all my machines to produce all sorts of text, and why you too should master one real text editor, whether it is Vim or Emacs.

21:00 - 22:00: HANG OUT

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