🛠Building Development Helpers with Electron & ✨Purely Functional Programming

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19:00: Intro by ETECTURE

19:15: Building development helpers with Electron and Webpack by Jovica Aleksic (https://github.com/loopmode)

Popular apps like Slack or VS Code have proven that it’s possible to build successful commercial products with electron. However, we as web developers can also use it to build tools for ourselves – tools that can boost our productivity and improve our daily work experience.
The goal of this talk is to provide a couple of options to quickly get started with development of new electron apps.

19:45: 🍕& 🍻

20:30: Purely Functional Programming - More than just a flavor of FP by Adrian Sieber (http://twitter.com/AdrianSieber)

With libraries like Ramda and Sanctuary, Functional Programming has found its way to JavaScript. And while those are very welcome additions to the JavaScript ecosystem, they can’t quite live up to native FP languages yet. In this talk I’m going to show which advantages purely functional compile-to-JavaScript languages like Elm and PureScript still bring to the table.


This installment of FrankfurtJS is brought to you by ETECTURE (http://etecture.de)