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Calling all Freaks, Geeks, Nerds, Jedi, Superheroes, Trekkies, Hobbits, Otakus, Wizards, Whovians, Koopas, Vampires, Gamers, Scientists, Artists, Cosplayers, Roleplayers, and anyone else I've not mentioned here. Tired of being foreveralone? Don't be a hikikomori! Roll a D20 for initiative and come be a part of The Fellowship!

Right now this is meant for people get together to socialize and talk about books, movies, shows, games, cons, magic, philosophy, quantum physics and the multiverse, hobbies, interests, etc. and make connections with like-minded folks. If there's enough interest over time then I may start to host other events to include board games, card games, tabletop, or anything else that the group may be interested in.

Scared? Unsure of yourself? Socially awkward and don't know if you'll fit in? Yeah, me too. People are terrifying. Message me if you'd like to talk privately before coming out to an event. There are no goals or expectations other than to come out, share interests, and have fun!

Past events (13)

Nerd Night at Local Brewery

Needs a location

Babies first Dungeon part III ( For real this time!)

Needs a location

Babies first Dungeon

Needs a location

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