Secrets of Erickson Metaphors

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In this meetup, Ericksonian hypnotherapist, Greg Turner, will talk about how to do Erickson Metaphors. Dr. Milton Erickson, M.D. is, perhaps, the most famous name in the use of therapeutic hypnosis in 20th Century. His ability to help people change problems into solutions was legendary. One of the techniques he used was telling stories and metaphors to his clients.

Greg will explain a few simple techniques that you can use straight away to craft and deliver metaphors to your clients to help them resolve problems.

Erickson was able to deliver metaphors to a small group of training hypnotherapists and all of them would end up getting something out of it, some healing and change. And without ever discussing with Erickson what they wanted to change!! Learn how this is possible and how you might be able to do that, too. You can wonder if Greg might do this for this meetup group - guide you into trance and tell a metaphor that will have deep and profound meaning for you and whatever personal issues you may be working on.

You will learn a profound, almost secret technique, that you can use to assure that your hypnotic trances and metaphors for your clients will be deep and life changing, almost all the time.

As always, in these meetups, plenty of time will be given to pairing up and practicing these techniques with each other. So, bring a notebook.

Greg is an Ericksonian hypnotherapist with a private practice in Novato and loves to share about and talk about Milton Erickson, M.D.