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You will find that In this Real Estate investment group, that experienced investors along with investors looking to grow & Passive Investors looking to just lend will benefit.

Our team offers to all members, a full in-house real estate brokerage firm, that helps to find profitable deals, complete Self Directed 401K & IRA investing services, passive or hands-on investing, partnership opportunities, money to do the right deal, contractors, and vendors that have proven themselves time after time and all the training you need to succeed on your own, or as a team.

We find that many people who want to invest in real estate find it difficult to know where to start or how to start, due to lack of knowledge, time, or money. Experienced investors want to take advantage of the market, but need other strategies to win in the pre-foreclosure market.

Come and find out how we are making money in today's Real Estate market through short sales, subject to purchases, wholesaling, and auctions. We show you that it IS possible to buy houses without using your own money or credit! You will also meet other investors who are buying and selling real estate every day, and making phenomenal money doing just that!

Real Estate Investing is where its at.... Investing in yourself pays dividends for years...

If you have a JOB (just over broke) and want to learn how to break the cycle, this is worth your time.

This is a free event, but registration and confirmation are required.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by checking us out

Knowledge is Power & The right Team gets the job done...!!

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The Real Estate Party! Free Food, Drinks, Networking, Prizes and a Great Time

Dallas-REIG has teamed up with Heritage Insurance, The Owner Finance Academy (Subject To, Wraps & Notes) to bring you this monthly free event. Get the best of both worlds...learn real estate investing while having fun and meeting new friends. This is a group for anyone interested in mixing, mingling, and making a new connection while learning about real estate investing and the many different ways to use real estate to create massive passive income in today's real estate market in a fun-friendly atmosphere. Make Sure you visit the folks at The Owner Finance Academy ( Subject To, & Wraps ) both to say hi, enter the drawing and get a free gift! What you can expect: FUN, FOOD, FELLOWSHIP, DOOR PRIZE GIVEAWAYS, NETWORKING with people just like you and with those who can help you become the real estate investor you want to be. And let's not forget EDUCATION from some of the best the real estate industry has to offer.

Complete Version of Owner Financing! Get paid to learn, Subject To, Wraps, Notes

This training is intended for those who really, really, really, really want to learn The Real Way to Owner Finance using Subject 2 & Wraps!! We will pay 3% on every deal you help find while you are learning. We will teach you how to find the deal, we will go to the house with you, we will do all the work while you watch and learn to do it on your own!!! The goal of this training is to provide the attendee with the following and pre-registration is the deal at 49.00 for two with lunch included please read the following: *An understanding of how to make 150% on each house with short-term cash in your pocket and long-term mailbox money for 30yrs *An understanding of what is owner financing It's legality *Commercial vs. Consumer transactions Owner Financing *The Wealth building system *The different types of owner financing With Debt Without Debt *What am I really trying to accomplish Duh! -How to locate houses to buy with owner financing How to talk to a Realtor How to talk to a Seller How to sell houses with owner financing How to talk to locate a buyer How to talk to a buyer *What are we really selling *How to structure an owner finance transaction Acquisition Sale Compliance issues *The Contracting process Timeline Contracts Disclosures *What is an RMLO What is their Role Compliance Texas Property Code SAFE Act Dodd-Frank Act RESPA *The Closing Process Title insurance vs. no title insurance Closing documents Insurance *How to properly insure the property *Dealing with the mortgage company Normal issues Reinstatement Probate Land Trusts To Trust or not What is a Land Trust *Best times to utilize a Land Trust Loan Servicer Their real role The fraud preventer *Collections Notices *Back-end operations Insurance Mortgage payments Escrow *Owner Finance Note Sales How to double and triple your money LEARNING THROUGH TRAINING IS CHEAPER. You will learn from an expert who has done over 300 houses in the last 7yrs and holds everything for the long-term cash flow up to 30yrs You must register in advance tickets are 49.95 for two and includes lunch Go to https://goo.gl/pqjcwA

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