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Learn Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu, & Self-Defense! Free Classes for Adults
We'll be meeting at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine downtown at 65 East Wacker Place on the 17th floor. Please sign in downstairs. No special clothing is needed. Just wear something loose and comfortable. Beginners always welcome! From 2 to 3, we get warmed up. We then practice a basic kung fu form and usually includes self-defense. From 3 to 4, we practice qigong and tai chi. You are welcome to attend only this section if you like. Don't forget to check out our special "8 Exercises of Ultimate Health" (Ba Duan Jin) qigong class coming up on the second Wednesday of the month, at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine downtown at 65 East Wacker Place, Qigong DVDs also available at Small donations graciously accepted. Thank you! :-)

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine

65 East Wacker Place · Chicago, IL

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(all levels, beginners welcome)

Keith, a certified instructor in kung fu who is also certified by the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association to teach tai chi and qigong, is offering, with his wife Alicia, free classes at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, at 65 E. Wacker Place, in downtown Chicago!

Keith & Alicia teach taiji (tai chi) as the martial art it was intended to be in ancient China. The class starts at 2 pm with some basic conditioning from kung fu then moving into learning some Chin Na (this literally translates to Seize and Lock). These Chin Na exercises/drills are designed to show you how to not only get out of different holds and grabs that someone might put you in, but to put then put your attacker into a submissive position. After that the class may work on a short kung fu form or depending on time, we may move into the qigong/taiji portion of the class.

This starts with basics of breathing, posture and proper mechanics of movement. These elements are essential for internal energy (qi) cultivation. Then we do a short qigong set called "collecting universal qi". This set will help ground, center you and help keep you calm in the face of a stressful day. Often times, if you only want the health benefits from taiji/qigong, it may be better to learn the qigong sets, as they are usually easier to learn than an entire taiji form.

Then we move on to a very short Yang family taiji form called the 5 Element Yang Family Taiji Form. This form is based on performing the Yang family 4 essential actions on all four compass points. It is an ancient intro form and it's very easy to learn and perform correctly. After that, we cover how the 4 Essential actions works in self-defense. Taiji is an elegant martial art that requires minimal effort on the part of the practioner in order to subdue an attacker.

The class is for adults, 18 years and up, who want to get a great workout while learning some authentic kung fu and tai chi skills. We will be teaching kung fu basics, including stances, strikes, and a short form. We also include some self-defense drills designed to show how to get out of different holds. After that we will do some tai chi, showing the proper breathing and postures for meditation as well as a short form with self-defense applications. The class is free but donations are graciously accepted.

Come work out with us on Sunday afternoons and spend a couple hours getting some exercise and learning some of these beautiful ancient arts with Keith & Alicia. The class is taught at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine at 65 East Wacker Place, Chicago Ill 60601

Keith is an advanced tai chi and qigong instructor with Level III Instructor Certification from the American Tai Chi & Qigong Association.

Keith also teaches health qigong in the form of several qigong sets including the 8 Exercises of Excellent Health (often known as the 8 Brocades), the 5 Animal Set, the 6 Healing Sounds, and a qigong set for women's health.

The qigong set is taught once a month, also at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and this class is free!!

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