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“When the mind is quiet, when the mind is in silence, then the new, that which is real, comes to us"

The Centre of Inner Education and Meditation (CIEM) offers classes in various locations throughout the world in numerous languages. Our courses aim to walk students through the basics of meditation and gradually move into the more in-depth elements of our inner world. We understand the importance of the intellectual explanation, but more importantly the application of that information.

We offer weekly meditation classes on various topics, followed by a guided meditation practice. Topics include: Breathing and Relaxation Techniques The Science Behind Meditation The Power of Visualization Psychological States Meditation and the Balanced Lifestyle All our instructors are volunteers, and all classes are free of charge. Please see web page for class dates, times, and locations. Our web page address is http://innermeditation.azurewebsites.net (http://innermeditation.azurewebsites.net/).

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