Free Sahaja Yoga Guided Meditation - Harlem Public Library


New York Public Library- Harlem Library

Sahaja Yoga is a unique and natural way to attain Self - Realization which leads to inner enlightenment. Through that inner enlightenment we become our own masters and start to master all kinds of things around us as well. Please take time to learn this technique and grow in reality.

These classes are meant to come together and meditate and learn little by little, so please plan to join them every week for continuous growth. Sahaja Yoga is always free.

Meeting Plan :

Introduction to Sahaja Yoga

Experience of being in Meditation and Learning to Meditate.

How to meditate at home.

Sahaja Yoga is always free
Founded in 1970 by 'Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi'
Sahaja Yoga is a simple but profound technique and always free
Just with pure desire we get meditative once we awaken our Divine energy
Experience it, come around every Tuesday to Harlem public library

In Sanskrit language 'Yoga' is union, that of man with Divinity
Physical and mental health benefits accompany ascent in spirituality
Wellness and healthy living are fruits of sincerity
In Sahaja Yoga we cleanse body mind and attention without austerity

Depression and stress are fruits of modernity
Techniques are shared that help when practiced with regularity
Sorrow just peel off when in meditative witness state and purity
Be with meditative people with noble pursuits to shed social anxiety

If new in town check on Harlem humility
Meditation group's noble souls excel in cultural exchange and affability
Sahaja Yoga is a meditation very social with spiritual growth achieved in collectivity
In balanced and joyous state eliminate loneliness with spiritual solidarity

Life transformation does not come with sermons or postures with no durability
Work on inner system roots, water with pure desire and shine some Divinity
In Sahaja Yoga meditation following just happens, like a seed that just germinates
Consciousness, Self improvement, Life transformation, mindfulness and mental clarity

Meditation is not a pill but a plant needing nourishment with sincerity
Tuesdays at Harlem and daily online meditation to detox and balance with regularity
And if you ask if we do Spanish program, our answer is - 'si'

While we cannot predict through meditation what heights you will achieve in life
Our heart felt desire is to always share joy and knowledge in simplicity
Our experiences say you will not be ordinary any more, shaken easily by any rife