What we're about

We do two meditations and talk about spiritual principles you can apply to your life to experience more joy, productivity, and learn how to really strive in both your spiritual practice as well as your physical life. Our physical life and our spiritual life truly need to be in balance with each other and when they are working in harmony, we find ourselves living very in a way which is very powerful, present, and effective.

5 Minutes - Explanation of Chakra Meditation for new students
15 Minutes - Meditation
5-10 Minutes - Dharma talk (Job Yoga, Personal Power, Detachment, Mindfulness, Choices, etc.)
5 Minutes - Break
15 Minutes - Second Meditation
5 Minutes - Hand out gifts for new students (3 classes or less)

~ Brief sessions are held after class with existing students (who have attended more than 3 classes ) to discuss their daily practice and offer advice and explanations ~

Time: 6-7pm
Address: 1722 Irving St San Francisco, CA 94122

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