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Begin The New Year with Exuberant Self-Love + Bliss, A Mindfulness Lifestyle

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Take Charge of Your Life and Do Something Wonderful for Yourself! You deserve it!

Experience a Healing + Empowering Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Afterwards, We Explore Practical + Fun Ways to Apply A Mindful Lifestyle without having to Engage in Sitting Meditation. But, Still Get The Amazing Health Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

You will also have an Opportunity to Partake in a Powerful Meditation Oil that quickly facilitates Meditative States: alpha, theta, gamma and delta. It is wonderful for people who experience any difficulty in meditating!

In Case You are Unaware of the Astonishing Health Benefits of Meditation, Here is a Brief Rundown (want to learn more click on the links):

1. Decrease of Anxiety (

2. Enhance Positive Moods (

3. Emotional Intelligence Development ( (manage and awareness of your emotions and those around you)

4. Pain Management (

5. Boost Your Brain Power (!!! (Increase of Cognitive Functioning)

6. Depression Management (

7. High Blood Pressure Control

8. Cell Regeneration, Live Longer

9. Boost Your Creativity (

10. Strengthen Your Immune System

11. Develop Reliable Intuitive Intelligence (

12. Eliminate Debilitating Mind Chatter (

Hosted by Erika Licon, JD, MA, NLP, a former business litigation attorney turned passionate Transformational Coach + Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. After facilitating her impeccable recovery from numerous fractures and transcending a diagnosis that she would not walk again through Mindfulness Principles + Serious Self-Love, she became dedicated to creatively inspire people to live more prosperous lives. She has been teaching mindfulness meditation techniques for over 10 years. She is innovative in approach and integrates New Thought, Mindfulness, Positive Neuroplasticity Principles + Energy Work to empower her clients to shift out of complacent mediocrity and realize radiant health, as well as all the abundance, prosperity, and opulence that life has to offer. She is walking inspiration and it is contagious!!!

Hosted also by Miguel Buenaflor, BS, who is a Balanced Movement Instructor and an IT genius. He has a unique and intrinsic way of connecting with nature, and facilitating deep purification-healing meditations. He also has a knack for tuning into the body’s subtle energies, and using Balanced Movement to keep the body energetically aligned and tone. He has experience using Balanced Movement, acu-yoga, meditation, and energy healing to boost the immune system and heal physical injuries.

We are open to any LOVE donations. Thank you!